Winter Mood Board: Beat the Cold and Look Good Doing It!

Winter Mood Board: Beat the Cold and Look Good Doing It!

Last year I spent a lot of the winter skiing with my boyfriend in Vermont. We even published a post titled, VERMONT GET AWAY: THE CUTEST SKI CABIN where I discussed one of my favorite AirBnB’s we stayed in. This year, due to COVID, we have been spending more time outdoors then ever hiking and skiing. AirBnB’s aren’t renting in many states and we wanted to limit our interactions with people. So, we even devised a system to comfortably camp out of my car for long weekends.

Spending so much time in the outdoors in the cold has given me a new appreciation for the wintry lifestyle. I used to feel that winter was a time where I couldn’t do anything, but I’ve come to realize that it has a lot to offer me.

Below are some mood boards I put together to keep myself inspired this winter! How are you coping with this cold season?

Winter Activities

From skiing, living in a cabin in the woods or sitting around a campfire there is so many things you can do in the winter months that don’t involve being indoors.

Imagine being with your best friends looking amazing, doing a ski trip to the woods and your cabin has a hot tub? Yeah thats what I have been fantasizing about too.

Winter Looks

Here is some of my biggest everyday winter looks that I am turning to for style inspiration. These are looks I imagine myself wearing to run errands or take a long road trip.

Winter Accessories/ Snow Gear

Fur is huge right now and so are all things soft and fuzzy. Some of these pictures are modern and some are archival or high fashion but all of them are dream pieces for my wardrobe. Statement winter wear is probably one of the best parts of winter, even if I am just admiring it.

Staying Cozy

Of course, there are many days in the winter where all I do is curl up in bed and stay comfy reading, painting and enjoying the indoors so here is a moldboard for all you home bodies as well

All these images and more can be found on our Pinterest boards!

What is your favorite part of winter?


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