Movie + Pop Inspired Halloween Costumes

Movie + Pop Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween will defineitly not be anyones definition of “normal” this year, a term that has become a distant memory since March, however social distancing and no trick or treating rules don’t mean that we can’t at least admire the spirit of spookiness. (Personally I will be dressing up, even if it is just to take some pictures pretending to be someone else.)

Below is our round up of some amazing Halloween costumes to try for anyone looking to get in the spirit. And yes, this list is a huge jumble that we had way too much fun making.

Fembot From Austin Powers

Kendall Jenner’s version in 2018.

A costume choice of Kendall Jenner in 2018 and a groovy flash to the past, being a Fembot is the perfect sexy movie reference costume. Bonus points if you have a boy in your friend group or a boyfriend to dress up as Austin. For those of you who don’t know, Austin Powers is a film series from the late 90s and early 2000s that is a satirical spy series about Austin Powers, British spy and his various missions to thwart Dr. Evil and his Mini Me (yes a baby clone). Some key catch phrases of Austin are “Do I make your horny baby” and “Groovy” if that gives you any insight. The Fembots are sexy female robots with boobs that turn into blasters. Think: beauty is lethal.

How to get the look: Sparkly spandex, a sheer night gown with fur trim (this part might be a DIY, sparkly gloves and a big blonde wig.

Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetle Juice and Lydia in the wedding scene.

Lydia Deetz, aka Winona Ryder’s character in Tim Burtons cult classic, Beetle Juice is a gothic and ecelectic teen brought to the “country side” by her father and whacky, eccentric, power hungry step mother from the bif city. She soon finds out the house occupied by the dead couple who lived there previously. It’s not a horror film tho by any means. Full of satire, dirty humor and an engaging plot line Tim Burton, as always makes amazing commentary and satirical nods about death, family, city life vs suburbia and more in this one.

How to get the look: Theres two ways to go with this, all black with the spikey bangs and a wide brim hat for Lydias everyday look or make it fun and dress as the iconic Beetle Juice wedding scene where Lydia is in a red wedding dress. Consider a red tutu, red corset style top and a red veil with a black flower bouquet to get the wedding look.

Britney Spears “Dump Him” Paparazzi Outfit

Other graphic tee content brought to us by Britney, bitch.

Y2K or early 2000s aesthetic has been all the rage among anyone who is trendy recently with the revival of crushed velvet sweatsuits and low rise jeans. Embrace this trend and do a subtle costume of clothes you could easily style again and again by dressing up as Lindsay Lohans iconic “Dump Him” outfit that has been turned into a dozen memes and mood images over the years. In the early 200s she had a ton of other graphic tee content for you to copy for Halloween, too.

How to get the look: Low rise skinny jeans, a fur collared or fur lined jacket, a beret (preferably navy blue) and a graphic tee. Yes, the low pigtails are a must. You can google “Dump Him Outfit” and a ton of reproductions of this tee come up or style it with your favorite statement graphic tee. Of course finish the look off with a coffee in hand. (check your local thrift basically for this entire fit and then run to your local coffee shop and viola!)

Jennifers Body

Similar to the Britney fit, except this time with a fictional character, this movie is a gold mine of early 2000s outfits you could reproduce for a low key costume of clothing you could incorporate into your daily wardrobe.

There are tons of iconic costume moments from this fit to interrupt or reproduce for halloween. The most iconic would probably be covered in blood wearing a denim mini skirt, crop top, and cropped puffer coat! (Also convenient for the chilly Autumn weather). Otherwise, consider a cheerleader outfit covered in blood!

How to get the look: Depending on which Jennifer fit you will be replicating you will basically need low rise bottoms, an undershirt with a cropped jacket or sweater over it, long brown hair and some faux blood. If you’re going as the final scene from the dance you might need to go to GoodWill to find an early 2000s prom dress to douse in faux blood.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Movies based on video games always seem to lead to a sexy female costume. Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie in 2003 makes for an action based movie where Lara has to find treasure, fight bad guys and unfold her mysterious past. She has a few iconic looks throughout the film that are easy enough to reproduce. If Angelina Jolie wasn’t one of your girl crushes at one point of your life, then you’re a liar.

How to get the look: Black body suit, some garters for the legs (and faux guns if you’re okay with representing that), a braided hair style and call it a night. Oh, and don’t forget the bombshell push up bra and statement belt. Other interpretations could be grey khakis, black combat boots and a grey tank top or a white tank top and cargo pants.

Kill Bill

Another cult favorite, Kill Bill is a multi part movie series following BLANK played by Uma Thurman as she tries to avenge her failed murderers. It features such dramatic gore that it is almost comical, action packed scenes and dramatic stylizing that is signature to Quinten Tarantino. The whole movie is broken up into dramatic chapters and is a ride from beginning to end as she tries to, well, kill, Bill.

Her looks are almost as killer as the plot in this movie, although definitely slightly harder to reproduce then other costumes in this series. Any of her outfits are up for interpretation but the most iconic is defineitly the yellow leather one piece with black stripe detailing.

How to get the look: A yellow leather one piece or searching up the character will result in a ton of costumes to buy pre made. On the other hand, for a cozier alternative consider buying a yellow track suit.

Playboy Bunny

Slightly controversial due to the exploitation by Hugh Hefner and the toxicity that occurred in the Playboy Bunny Mansion, if you wear this outfit we feel you are reframing the meaning of women being sexual and taking the power back into your own hands. It’s not exploitation if you are empowering, respecting and loving yourself in this costume. We aren’t dressing in this provocative fit to please any man but instead to empower ourselves and take control of our sexualities.

If the term gives you the heebie jeebies you could always interrpret this look and just be a “sexy bunny”

How to get the look: An extremely easy costume you need bunny ears, a black one piece, fishnets and some heels.

Jane Fonda Work Out Video Extra

While none of us can hope to achieve Jane Fonda’s level of excellence, we can definitely take note of her 80s and 90s work out fits and channel this for a comfy and cute Halloween costume. A ton of people from Ty Haney to some of our friends started reviving these work outs to stay active during COVID quarantine. Some people might not get the exact Jane Fonda reference so calling yourself a 80s workout star might be an easier way to go about it. As you can see, there are many variations of her looks so you could probably create it with things you already own!

How to get the look: A body suit layered over tights or leggings, belted of course. Thick socks or leg warmers and big teased hair.

Lilo in the Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a late 90s action space movie that was costumed by Jean Paul Gaultier. She has two amazing looks in the film to choose from. There is the bandage look from the first few scenes or the gold legging, orange body harness look from the second half. The entire cast has amazing costumes (some examples pictured below of the flight attendants and McDonalds workers.)

How to get the look: There are tons of pre made Leeloo costumes on the internet! But if you want to do your own you can buy a strappy white body suit or metallic leggings, white crop top, and some orange rubber harnesses.

Which costume idea is your favorite? Are you dressing up this year? If so, as what?


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