5 Fashion Business Sources

5 Fashion Business Sources

The fashion industry is perhaps one of the most problematic ones in existence however the average consumer would have no idea. Due to elitism, nepotism, and the general attitude many industry experts uphold of making information inaccessible, many people shop without knowing what they are even putting on their body.

If you knew clothing was made with child labor would you buy it? If you knew a company primarily owned by white men were being sued for stealing and profiting off of a young independent black female designs that they stole, would you buy it? If you knew certain types of fabric were eroding away our rain forests, would you buy it? Do you know the difference between quality and buying a brand name? The questions are endless, and the gate keepers of the fashion world actually do not want most consumers to know what is going on beyond the lies they tell.

Thankfully, in the age of everyone having their own platform there are many disruptors popping up who can educate you on the different parts of fashion and the industry.

Whether you are a fashion business management student, a member of the fashion industry or simply a fashion enthusiast these are the best, most knowable sources that you should stay up to date on.

Business of Fashion (@bof on Instagram)

Fashion News, Analysis and Business Intelligence from the leading digital authority on the global fashion industry.

Probably the most serious toned publication on this list, the BoF is what every fashion business student will read like a Bible. When I was in FIT I would pull almost every single current event article I wrote from this source alone (this was before I knew the others on this list of course).They discuss primarily the inner workings and back end of the industry and how it is changing. One negative is that they put some of their articles behind a paywall unlike the others on this list, but that is because they write some content specifically for professionals and industry insiders. Many of their reports discuss quarterly reports of brand giants (for instance ASOS) and marketing advice.

The Fashion Law

The Fashion Law provides well-curated, research-driven news and insights into the legal and business aspects of the rapidly evolving fashion industry.”

Founded by Julie Zerbo in 2012, TFL is a website, Instagram, and Twitter offers amazing analysis, reports and break downs of lawsuits, legal actions, copyrights and other legal news relating to the fashion and beauty industry. They also report daily news on business partnerships, climate news, upcoming brands and more. Probably my favorite source they seem to report about what actually matters with facts. They never sprinkle in gossip, street style, or opinion based nonsense.


Women’s Wear Daily

Women’s Wear Daily brings you breaking news about the fashion industry, designers, celebrity trend setters, and extensive coverage of fashion week.

If you’re familiar with Vogue, this site will probably be most comfortable to navigate. It has daily news about designers, the industry and also focuses on the street style we have come to love from celebrities. There site presents itself like a magazine and so does their Instagram. The gaze of the writing focuses on big names like Tiffany’s and who the new CEO of L’Oreal is. They have features, trend reports and reviews. The site is easy for a newbie and comfortable for a fashion expert because it breaks articles up by “Ready To Wear”, “Retail”, “Runway Reviews”, etc. This is nice because it lets you read about all levels of fashion and understand how people categorize brand names and shows. Their hashtags kind of say it all, #Fashion #Beauty, #Business. No nonsense.

Dazed Fashion

Everything Dazed knows about Fashion.

Dazed Fashion is a division of Dazed Magazine, a publication focused on showing the edgy aspect of pop culture, fashion, adolescent trends and more. They also have a section for Dazed Beauty (here). There reporting is a no f*cks given take that is grungier, more authentic and less curated then many other. I enjoy their posts and fashion articles because nothing is millennial pink and they seem to spend time sourcing up and coming stylists and people in the industry opposed to the already established giants. They of course do report on bigger names and big news in the industry as well. Their articles are sprinkled with easily digestible phrases such as “chaotic” and “trippy” and the whole tone of the writing is aggressive without being in your face. Its important to understand multiple perspectives when getting news and forming opinions on the fashion world so they are definitely worth the follow.

Diet Prada

Diet Prada is run by Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, who met while working for Eugenia Kim quote from NY Times article here)

Less formal less educational and less reliable than the other sources on this list, Diet Prada is worth mentioning because they practically invented the term “disruptor”. They are kind of the Robin Hood of the fashion industry, making news easily digestible for everyday enthusiasts.

They were the first fashion “education” account I ever followed and are most known for their impressive Instagram track record of calling out large companies for ripping of designers, exposing racism in the industry and generally being a champion for those in the fashion world who voices were previously being ignored or exploited.

They thrive off of call out culture and cancel culture and have a cult like following who floods the comments and emails of anyone the account “cancels”. For the most part this shock value educational style is flashy and gets a ton of attention, however there have been times that the account has prematurely canceled someone or promoted its own agenda instead of being unbiased. Overall, great for the average consumer or fashion enthusiast to read and stay up to date, however I do not think their content is the gold standard. Definitely worth checking out tho!

Whats your favorite source to get fashion news?

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