Summer Outfit Inspiration

Summer Outfit Inspiration

Today I come to you with the foundation of fashion bloggers everywhere, the good old mirror selfie outfit of the day post.

This summer due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines I did not travel, go out, or wear as many outfits as I normally would which may explain my serious lack of outfit posts. By the end of the summer with outdoor dining and socially distanced gatherings being allowed in NYC, I did get to let my inner stylist shine through. I didn’t let most people get close enough to me to take my phone and take pictures however so this post is brought to you by my larger then life mirror from Home Goods (similar mirror here).

Since the leaves have begun to crunch under the soles of my shoes it is only right that I round up these mirror selfies and show you what I was wearing this summer! ***Disclaimer, any look not taken in mirror selfie format was taken with self timer and my trusty tripod.***

Jeans can be found on my site (here).

This outfit was definietly my favorite look from this summer. I ordered this top in late May and waited a few months while it was on back order. In that time period, it went absolutely viral on Pinterest and Instagram. Despite the fact that I rarely shop anything that isn’t sustainability focused or vintage now a day, I know something good when I see it and this top was worth the purchase and the wait. They do produce their clothing in China and the top is a synthetic poly blend, so for the boutique price of it this is a little disappointing however, the design integrity is there. The green color is also a nice trendy choice. It can be tied a dozen different ways and layered over button downs as well.

There is nothing more I like than a versatile, multi purpose piece of clothing.

Top | Jeans | Shoes

The jeans are a pair of old denim that I distressed and hand painted. If you want your own custom pair check out my shop HERE. If you want to check out the last pair we have in stock, check out this listing HERE. I love the free spirited sense of the butterfly motif and upcycling vintage denim.

Speaking of vintage, I thrifted these shoes a few months back in an adorable shop in Woodstock. They are the brand John Fluevog. They have discontinued this particular style unfortunately.

The hourglass heel style reminds me of these vintage Miu Miu heels:

My purse is the brand Caterina Lucchi, a gift from a European showroom I worked in four years ago. My gorgeous chain belt was a find from my local GoodWill.

Scarf Top (Similar) |Skirt (Similar)

The theme of multi purpose clothing continues with the second look I wore to outdoor dine with my boyfriend and another good friend. Buying a scarf that can be wrapped multiple ways and worn in the colder months is definitely a better investment then that Simonett top is. My top is actually a scarf my mom had snagged from an Urban Outfitters sale bin and never wore. I wrapped it around my neck, had someone else securely tie it and viola, I had the perfect flirty top. This skirt was also a gift from my mom (honestly all my fashion inspiration comes from that woman) and was a ribbed maxi skirt in this gorgeous mauve tone from Free People. My shoes are old as hell, but added a flirty vibe with their bright pop of color. My purse was a sample from an Italian showroom I worked in last year (perks of the industry I guess).

Shoes | Sweater Sleeves (similar)

This flirty fun look was begging to be taken on a picnic. I wore my second hand burgundy Doc Marten Loafers with a fun and flirty vintage night gown style dress. (Tons of these are available on Depop and second hand sites although mine was a hand-me-down.) The little pink flower print kind of reminded me of this iconic strawberry print dress from Lirika Matoshi.


I paired it with these light blue cropped “sleeves” which are from a dance wholesale store in the city and a vintage bright pink purse that my grandmother gave me years ago.

My bonus look (the only non mirror selfie) I wore out to dinner with my family recently. It’s a vintage linen blend black button down with pockets and iridescent shell styled buttons paired with these amazing shorts. These shorts may or may not be a sneak peak of a piece I am producing in my first official collection for my shop (HERE) but shhh, don’t talk about it yet or my team will be mad.

The purse isn’t exactly vintage but my sister and I bought is from Disney world when we were 8 and 10.

Which outfit is your favorite? Do you like this multi look post?



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