SS20: Trends to Wear this Summer

SS20: Trends to Wear this Summer

Reading this headline, you may be rolling your eyes. What trends could there possibly be besides sweatpants, and leggings (for our grocery store runs). Many of our wardrobes might now be reflective of this Paris Hilton look below,


One thing that we don’t see coming back in style are bras. Those are definitely something we do not see making a comeback.

Despite that, fashion experts and large businesses are going to continue to push merchandise and trends and try to get you excited for ANYTHING. Can you blame them? A sea of grey sweatpants isn’t exactly appealing. For better or worse, fashion never sleeps.

Historically, fashion has influenced or responded to every tragedy and success. Not to bore you to tears with a history lesson, but for example, during WWII, women’s fashion changed drastically in the US. Extreme shortages of fabric and supplies and all “at home” work being directed towards helping husbands and sons on the front line led to clothing becoming simplistic in both silhouette and style. For the first time in history, clothes were less representative of social status because everyone had access to the same rationed materials.

41a6a024e2324692de152c4389223643On the opposite side of the world leading up to this time period, Coco Chanel’s “little black dress” was released in 1929 and picked up immense popularity during The Great Depression that continued through WWII and into modern day thanks to its elegance, simplicity, and ease of production.  Likewise, we are now experiencing shortages in supply chains. People’s body shapes are being affected by sitting at home (and stress eating). And there is economic uncertainty among other factors influencing the fashion industry. It makes you wonder, will this time period birth something as iconic as the LBD?

From our careful review, these are the top trends Run & Follow is predicting for the remainder of spring and the summer months this year. (All images used, plus more inspiration can be found on our Pinterest, here!)

Mid Thigh Shorts:

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Military inspired, with pleats, pockets, high waisted with paper bag and drawstring waistlines. Say buh bye to short denim shorts and hello to this cargo inspired alternative. These will be sold in both soft terry cloth (think of cut off sweats) and in cargo material for a more structured approach.


Patchwork, Tie Dye, and DIY Clothing:

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With quarantine potentially lifting mid summer, everyone has been inside upcycling, diy-ing and experimenting. This will be reflected in people’s summer style through bleach-dyed crewnecks, tie-dyed socks, tank tops, and sweats. It’s interesting to note that last winter and this past fall (prior to a Covid-19 world), tie-dye or pastel abstract prints were predicted to make a resurgence this spring. Now, because of world events, this trend will be even more prevalent than previously thought. This is definitely a case of a “Trickle-Up” trend, where regular people become obsessed with something (like punk style) and then designers use it on runways and in stores merchandise.


One London brand taking off due to this trend is Rua Carlota who creates whimsical one-of-a-kind patchwork masterpieces our of dead stock material. (Her picture is used in our graphic via her Instagram HERE.

Hair Scarves

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Hair scarves will quickly overtake the hair clip trend from the fall. It is the perfect way to add some flair to a simple summer ‘lewk’ and it covers roots left over from at home hair dye jobs this spring. These scarves can also be tied to bags, worn as ascots around the wearers neck, and fastened to the belt loops of jeans.


Lace Gloves

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How will gloves make a statement during the hottest months of the year? Did you mean to put these on a winter mood board? We have had these on mood boards for a few months. Now, fashion houses are going to take inspiration from the pandemic and incorporate them into upcoming runways. Mesh gloves are a unique way to decorate the arms/add dimension to a look in warmer months. Gloves will probably not be seen everyday, but we still included them for the more adventurous and style savvy.


Loose Silhouettes

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During these stressful times, summer bodies may not be on the forefront of people’s minds. This is when using flowy fabric, a-line shapes, and garments that aren’t restricting will thrive. Plus, who doesn’t love something flowy in the summer heat? Jacquemus debuted some sundresses and maxi style dresses in his SS20 collection. And new merchandise on web stores such as Anthropologie suggest that loos form concealing clothes will be all the rage


Academic Influences

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Taking inspiration from academic uniforms, Catholic school girls, and college campuses in the 60s-70s, this trend could also be coined “borrowed from the boys”. It takes influences of structure and reimagines them in a summery and street style manner. People style classic pieces in new ways for warm weather. The strongest examples will be seen through mini cardigans (worn as a sexy crop top, with nothing underneath), light weight button ups, chunky sole loafers and pleated mini skirts.


Capsule Wardrobes

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People will invest in higher end basics as many people have lost their jobs and feel too financially insecure to splurge on trendy items. Wardrobe must haves that match and transition for fall will do very well, especially eco conscious and high quality. Quality will be important as people search for longevity in their pieces. Traditional “capsule wardrobes” contain a few basic tees, two pairs of jeans, three pairs of shoes, a lightweight jacket, a sweater, etc. There are many variations as people have varying levels of what they consider necessary or how many items they need. The key detail is neutral colors, timeless silhouettes, and comfortable fits.  As a result, accessories will become the business that supports the luxury market because many consumers view bags, scarves, and leather accessories as investment pieces over seasonal flamboyant clothing. The world is very overwhelming and information saturated, so a desire for minimalism and simplicity could be another leading factor to the rise of capsule wardrobes extending for multiple seasons to come.


Which trends will you be partaking in? Any you think we missed?

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