Online Sample Sale

Online Sample Sale

As a fashion enthusiast, lover of name brands, or a money saving junky you will definitely be familiar with the concept of a Sample Sale.

Sample sales serve three main purposes, (1) they help designers get rid of excess inventory, and (2) let consumers save money on their favorite brands, by buying (often times “near perfect”) discounted merchandise.

In this day and age there are websites that help you track sample sales and you can google to find ones near you.

When I freelanced at a luxury showroom, at the end of every season we would sell the “samples” of the collections as is, and we would advertise this by putting a posting on certain websites with the brands we represented. Most sample sales are open to the public, but a few are privately held and you have to be invited. For example, Chanel has a friends and family sample sale where only friends and family members of the employees may come to shop the sale.

With all these websites changing the face of sample sales, we have decided to have a digital Run & Follow sample sale through Depop.

Sample Sale Through Depop

All items listed for a discounted price are old samples, test pieces that we made and never sold or left over inventory (some with imperfections). As Run & Follow has grown, we have changed our style and the type of items we are selling, so this sale is an archive.

Styled much like Instagram, Depop is a free app that allows anyone to sell as a shop or as a personal seller. Much like any other second hand app or website (i.e. Poshmark, eBay, etc) they allow the users to sell their goods and reach a larger community. What separates Depop is that the sellers take a lot more pride in their aesthetic, and second hand pieces.

Why did we decide to host our Digital Sample Sale on Depop instead of on our website? Because, Run & Follow is still in its start up phase, and although we have a loyal group of followers and customers, to reach new audiences with our older merchandise, Depop allows us through hashtags, to reach many new faces. The sellers and buyers of this app are trendy, unique individuals. We didn’t want to bog our site down with a sale section at this time, so we decided to sell on Depop much like a high designer company would sell in a temporarily rented space.

Sold Shirt from RAF Sample Sale

If you or anyone you know has an interest in a piece, please send us an email or a DM.

What do you think of the idea of a Digital Sample Sale?


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