Texture and Color: From the Archives

Texture and Color: From the Archives


Originally, I wasn’t going to share this look with you guys, however sitting at home during quarantine has given me some time to reflect on old fits, and I decided this one will reach your eyes.BE4F2C77-5BBC-4D0B-9DCA-8AA4356EB05E.JPG

I wore this look during the most recent NYFW a couple of months back. The thought process behind it was: create a look that had interesting silhouette, color, and texture combination. The color combo wasn’t outrageous until I decided last minute to take color blocking to the next level by wearing baby blue tights. The blue body suit is currently sold out on my web store (here). The removable long sleeve portion in black of the body suit is from a sample that we decided to not put into production because the fabric was too difficult to work with. 4E5507DB-FA78-4D4D-9F76-D4D2DB77FF7F.JPG

I like how I mixed different ribbed textures but I think this look could have been executed better. Fashion is all about taking risks, and some pan out better than others.


On my head, a headband from my company here. And on my feet are my beloved Margiela tabis.


Do you think this look has too much going on in it?


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