Vermont Get Away: The Cutest Ski Cabin

Vermont Get Away: The Cutest Ski Cabin

***Disclaimer: With the outbreak of the corona virus leaving many people unsure of what is happening and what will happen, we are not posting to seem cold hearted, but instead to provide content that is enjoyable and offers something of value during these trying times. I am sitting at home, anxious and consuming a disgusting amount of news as I know many of my friends are. Creating content gives me some sense of normalcy and allows me feel I am contributing some entertainment to my readers, friends, and family. We are not encouraging travel currently but will be posting some trips from the winter. Stay inside, stay safe, reach out to loved ones, and listen to protocol.***


“Spring break” in the beginning of March and my trip wasn’t somewhere warm and tropical. Instead, my boyfriend and I drove north to Vermont to do a long weekend at a ski mountain we hadn’t tried yet. I know going somewhere cold makes some of you cringe, but one thing I learned this winter is that you can embrace the cold. The first two weekends of March are really the end of the ski season, so this was our last chance for this year.


We decided on Okemo, but we booked the trip last second wanted to skip the high rates of staying in Okemo’s resort. After a quick AirBnB search of the surrounding towns, the pickings were slim but we were lucky to book a private room and bathroom in a locals home. The couple who owned it let us use their kitchen and made us breakfast in the morning. We were roughly a ten minute drive from the mountain where we brought our things and left our bags on a hook in the lodge.


The exposed wood beams, soft pastels, and the less attractive but fitting wall to wall carpeting, bathed in tons of natural light all added to the charm of this cabin. The foundation was original, over 100 years old, and the house had a mix of vintage antiques with pieces that looked directly out the 60s. My favorite piece was the three drawer night stand shown below:


The house had an antique charm with hand painted flowers that the owner told us his Grandmother painted. Enjoy the pictures I took, and some bonus pictures from Okemo’s mountain.





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  1. Sandy
    March 20, 2020 / 9:01 pm

    Beautiful! And I still don’t like the cold…brrr😬.
    I would choose to stay at the lovely cabin

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