Anti Valentine’s Day Look

Anti Valentine’s Day Look

It is only fitting that my “Anti” Valentine’s look went up as delayed as it did.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.36.33 AM.png

“Not sure if it is because Mercury was about to go into retrograde or if it was the Valentines Day spirits trying to fight me, but basically when I tried to upload this video last Thursday there was a lot of technical difficulties. Due to the fact that about 10 people actually watch my videos I feel very little shame in uploading this bad boy late, because as the expression goes: it’s better late then never. I have a new respect for beauty gurus after trying to film and edit this video together, it was very challenging and I would not call this a tutorial because it is basically me smearing make up on my face until it looks mediocre. Never the less, we persist and I hope at least one person finds entertainment value in this. Please be kind to me, I filmed this last year and I think you can tell how exhausted I look. I did not have the energy at that time to edit it together then, but here it is. ”

The video was done more for fun than as a tutorial and the end picture is better than the entire video undoubtedly. I definitely don’t think I will be quitting my day job to become a beauty guru anytime soon. For the picture, I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and just blindly shot some selfies, my friend later went in and brightened the area around my eyes and smoothed out my skin as well as adjusted the background color.

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