#WhatToWatch: Jessie Andrews

#WhatToWatch: Jessie Andrews


“how jessie andrew’s went from adult star to ceo” is the title of the first I_D magazine article that brought Jessie Andrews onto our radar. In the article they give a comprehensive overview of Jessie, calling her “the master of the rebrand”, and that’s no exaggeration.

Jessie has/ has had her hand in multiple industries from adult films (retired in 2015) to modeling to DJing to photography to designing. She dropped out of high school her senior year and moved to California where she became involved in the adult film industry. This is something mentioned in many interviews, and she always states that she treated it [the adult film industry] as work, as anyone would treat any job. She was scouted to be a model for American Apparel and quickly became an “It girl”.


Around 2012 she started designing jewelry and her first brand Bagatiba.

In the previously mentioned i-D interview, she states, “When I started Bagatiba… I…didn’t have [it] attached to my name for stigma reasons. I had that fear early on that no matter what job I decided to do in the future, my name would always carry that stigma whether I liked it or not. I’m fine with it, I don’t care, but for other people to be okay with it I think I needed to separate it in the beginning. I didn’t have a rulebook. I had no fear then and didn’t know what to do so I was learning the entire time“.

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Since then her name is closely involved with all her brands and her personal story even stands as a selling point if the numerous interviews, video clips and events she attends are anything to go by. Anyone can start a brand, but a story really sells it. For sure, it helps that she is dedicated to her brands, working closely with them and seems to have taken the time to distinctly develop each one.

The brands all work because of her curated but casual approach, as well as her background in various industries which gives her a unique perspective.

Enjoy this compiled (opinion/observation based) analysis and overview of Jessie Andrews numerous businesses.


Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 9.41.03 PM.png

Screenshot from the customizable section on the website.


Launched in 2012 with the intent of creating high quality, trend driven jewelry at an affordable price range, she launched it with just 10 designs. The site now hosts over 100 pieces and has a strong “build your own” customizable section and a Sustainability focus.

In a 2017 interview with Who What Wear, Jessie defines the Bagatiba girl as “… lavish yet affordable. She’s natural, effortless, and on trend but timeless. Her jewelry complements her, not overshadows her beauty.”


Bagatiba has a curated, editorial feel that is clean and timeless. It has subtle trends while maintaining an effortless branding and cohesion. The off-white backgrounds of the product photography and styling on the models, they are always in black or white outfits, keeps everything uniform without feeling forced. The brand says effortless glam, the jewelry speaks for itself in the images. Each category of jewelry is broken up by a title and some editorial shots which keep the “infinity” scroll feature of the homepage dynamic. For those who are shopping with a particular purpose, the menu is easy to navigate.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 9.41.23 PM.png

Screenshot from sustainability focused collection on website.

Basic Swim 

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 10.03.00 PM.png


Basic Swim is exactly what it sounds like, “a collection of attainable minimalist swimwear styles plus Basic Sport, a collection of athlesiure wear“. The suits are sexy, and definitely the definition of an “itsy bitsy bikini”. One could say that the years of Ms. Andrew’s adult film industry and film photography lend themselves to the artistic direction of this brand.


The homepage is an array of artistically posed and shot images that are offset. It shows collages, campaigns in NYC, and a social media vibe. The branding for this site is unique, which works with the simple “basic” product. The items are modeled on beautiful women, but when it comes to the shop category they are presented in a crudely cropped, scrap book styled manner (pictured above). When one hovers the mouse, it shows the image modeled, and when an item is clicked on there is a number of product shots. In the press section they show Kardashians and Hadids wearing the items as well as this NYC campaign (below). The branding features three fonts (solid block, hollow block and handwriting style), the logo is bold and everything feels effortlessly, dare it be said, messy,  and collaged to emulate a mood board. This organic style of branding only works when executed in an expert way with confidence, sex, and a powerful name behind you.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 10.11.56 PM.png

Jeu Illimite

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.17.48 PM.png


Jeu Illimite is the perfect elevated basics for a subtle Parisian dream girl. The color schemes stay neutral with the occasional dreamy pattern or pastel, the cuts and designs are trendy but lean towards classic. Their about page simply lists a few of the efforts to be sustainable which include using dead stock fabric, (aka fabric that is excess from another company and would be thrown away), producing in small quantities (to eliminate wastefulness), and producing/sourcing in LA. Their packaging is also recycled or biodegradable.

In her recent Instagram stories she has been discussing how this particular brand will be taking a new direction and they are currently selling all the remaining items on clearance so she can begin the rebrand.


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.36.47 PM.png

This particular brand capitalizes on numerous current consumer habits such as capsule wardrobes, sustainable production, and micro trends. When in the “All” section, the tops are in the first row, the denim bottoms in the second row, the third row is one item, a coin purse, the fourth row features dresses, then more accessories and the final row features two pairs of shoes. Originally looking, it seemed bizarre that each row had a different number of items but it is actually quite clever because the consumer can see how the entire capsule style collection builds with itself, similar to how a wholesale line sheet comes across to a retail buyer.

Some of the merchandise is on the cusp of being trendy (puffy sleeves, super small purses, etc) while still having a classic appeal and neutral color scheme. The timelessness of the items and sustainable approach helps justify the mid to high tier pricing (a tank top goes for $80, a linen blazer for $320.) The sustainability messaging is worked into the site without being the main point which is the most successful way to have an environmentally friendly brand. This is the type of clothes that compliment Bagatiba jewelry.  She put this screenshot (below) in her Instagram story on December 9th which furthers the sustainability message and shows the flexibility she extends over her brands.

Screenshot from @jessieandrews on Instagram

1201 B Studios 


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.23.12 PM.png

This “brand” is Jessie’s only physical space while the other brands all live on the internet. It is located in downtown LA. Instead of selling consumers goods, 1201 B Studios serves as an agency where CEO Jessie Andrews is able to do brand direction.

From the site’s about page, the mission is: “Bringing minimalism and growth with advance production skill sets to all aspects of business along with services to selective clients that range from a to z…Founder & CEO Jessie Andrews conceptualized 1201 B Studios to monopolize her accomplishments and allocate her dexterity. The creative and development of brands started in 2012, since then her umbrella brands are in the top 1% of stores online since launching on the Shopify platform and frequently featured in Vogue, Elle, Who What Wear and Refinery 29. She continues to use 1201 as a space to build and advance in competitive market places.



Having a physical space where she can see and curate all of her brands in the same way a multi brand showroom operates only makes sense. The Instagram takes images from all of her brands and the posts showcase the best. They also show Jessie’s eye for interior design, which is obviously chic. The Instagram (screenshot above) carefully curates the digital space for this physical location by highlighting news articles, announcements, and aesthetic/ behind the scenes shots of each of her ventures.



Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.04.39 PM.png

Petiue differs from Jessie’s other brands because it is a single product driven company. That’s right, it literally sells one product. The SPF highlighter is an innovative and unique product that brings the wearer a natural shine, illusion of contour and protects you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.04.29 PM.png

“Petiue is a natural solve to beauty’s biggest trend that’s actually good for your skin.” – Forbes


The website is driven to be one large sales pitch, styled as a FAQ or an informative blog post. The graphics are clean and simple using a mix of product photography and photoshopped yellow patches on the models faces to show where the clear product would go. The sunny yellow color is in line with the fact that this is a summery product that protects against the (cartoon yellow) sun. The other graphics are black and white sketches and graphics that break up the texts and photo blocks with quick step by step instructions.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.03.40 PM.png

The beauty industry is one of the largest and most saturated markets right now. It is also one of the most profitable. Every YouTuber, influencer, etc seems to have their own lines and pallets, therefore it is smart to break into the beauty industry through a niche. Focusing on one product and perfecting it is a good way to build reputation and buzz opposed to having numerous products. Innovation, being specific, and simplicity are the key.

Strong features of the website include a “Science” section where all active ingredients are listed. Having an entire page dedicated to this shows transparency and confidence in the product. Many brands list only a few ingredients and they put them in super fine print. Another feature in the menu is the “Story” page which is composed like an open letter from Jessie about how this product came to fruition.

Because the product is promoting skin care and a “no make up make up look” the photography is all clean bright and summery.

Dodge & Donate

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.27.09 PM.png

Her final venture listed on her webpage, “Doge & Donate” is a charity dodgeball event run in LA to “bring awareness to a variety of charities and give back in an innovative way.”


Picture from Jessie’s personalized Nike sneakers from the Bagatiba Instagram

Jessie Andrews is still evolving, her physical retail space is a recent development while as mentioned, one of her brands (Jeu Illimite) is changing their business model. She is constantly “rebranding”, growing, developing and not afraid to change it up. All her brands and her life is led by an aesthetic that is distinctly her own. What we can learn is that “keeping it real” and staying true to your own unique vision will allow you to go far in life, and that we should all always be growing and changing.


“”[A modern woman is] somebody who is go-getter, and who can solve any problem. Someone who sets the tone for other women.” -Jessie Andrews

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