Styling Puffer Jackets: Warm Weather Edition

Styling Puffer Jackets: Warm Weather Edition

245D2562-4360-4092-9C30-4051200F0EE4 3.jpg

3C58B448-2A20-4D01-B70C-48CA4785B921 2.jpgWhat do you do with all your puffer gear, insulated and meant to keep you toasty warm, when the east coast is experiencing a heatwave? You style it like a high fashion runway show obviously.

IMG_9559 2.jpg

For this look (originally worn in 2019 when there was a bit more snow on the ground), I took a ribbed turtle neck and wore it under a North Face puffer vest. For my bottom, I wanted to create something dramatic with a big silhouette so I wore a pair of gym shorts and took a few different puffer coats and tied them around my waist.

Finally, old ski goggles and some “puffer” style snow boots and this look was complete.

IMG_9507 2.jpg

Here is a little note about the weather change for anyone who is interested: Although there is a light hearted tone in this post, this heatwave can be very startling for people who are conscious about the environment and a big wake up call to the select few people who are declining climate change. It can be scary and overwhelming, and although a selfish part of each of us wants to enjoy this beautiful weather, it can be very alarming, too. In future posts that are planned I will be discussing eco friendly products, recycling and other ways to lower our impact on earth. I feel more in control when I am contributing positively, and the more people who leave a smaller “footprint” the better, however you can’t have an eco friendly discussion without holding big companies and stores accountable. Remember, everyone’s efforts against climate change help, but its not only the consumers responsibility to make these changes, but big businesses responsibility too.


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  1. Sandy
    January 13, 2020 / 2:38 pm

    Agreed! And I love the pics!!

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