Grenada Vlog + Itinerary (pt. 1)

Grenada Vlog + Itinerary (pt. 1)

This summer was not as large of a traveling period for me as last summer was. (Humble brag: check out my travel posts from Iceland and Austria) That being said, I did get surprised with one very fun trip from my friend Kirsten.


IMG_6423.JPGKirsten was doing a month long volunteer research program with Ocean Spirits in Grenada in July. She had an Airbnb for an extra week and texted me one day saying that I should book a ticket and spend the last week with her. After quickly figuring out where Grenada was (in the Caribbean not the one in Spain!) and some other schematics, I took the five hour flight and had a very fun very action packed week.


Here is Travel Vlog #1 from that trip, the video kind of goes about my daily itinerary and I’m going to include any nitty gritty here.

We spent a lot of time at the beach on this trip. We also did two day trips to two waterfalls.


The first one you see in this vlog was called Annandale. This waterfall was a little hard to get to seeing as we had to take two “buses” (aka over glorified vans that do not abide by any traffic laws that I could see). After the buses we had to walk up a slight hill before approaching the waterfall. There was a nice swimming hole with other visitors and locals mingling about, a few wooden benches and some cement structures. These were fun to jump off of.


The second waterfall we went to was actually two waterfalls which were part of a famous chain of seven waterfalls called “the Seven Sisters”. Getting too and from this waterfall is a lot more involved with two bus rides, a walk in and then a pretty large hike to them. We ended up getting lucky and being the only two people at this location. We started hiking to the third one but the trail became very muddy and very buggy and we were not properly dressed so we called it quits. The Seven Sisters was by far my favorite part of the first part of my trip to Grenada and worth the hike.


Part two will be up later this week!

And for you really loyal fans, here is some bonus info on Grenada and my little trip!


Kirsten was staying at St. Patricks which is in the more rural area of the country. On my trip we stayed in the St. George’s area. (BLUE STAR RED STAR) The island has an international medical school called St. George’s University.  On my flight to Grenada from New York I actually sat next to a very friendly medical student who was from the US. She told me she was studying in Grenada because it was less competitive and cheaper then studying in the US.

Let me know what you guys think. Part 2 will be up later this week! Please let me know what you think on YouTube too!

The blue star is where Kirsten volunteered and the red star is where we stayed!

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  1. Sandy
    September 11, 2019 / 8:20 am

    How fabulous! What a beautiful island!

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