Suit Up Show Up OOTD

Suit Up Show Up OOTD

Personal style can be impacted by a number of things, it can change to reflect our lives and the way we view ourselves. I have always been a fan of the Rachel Zoe quote, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Recently when getting dressed I have been very selective about the messages I want to communicate. What is important to me? Where do I want to see myself in a few years? How seriously do I take myself? What does my clothing say I am “run and following”?

I decided to to dress for the person I want to be and to emulate the people I admire. How though? How do you dress to feel powerful? To feel put together? To feel like there is a safety net wrapped around you as you walk down the streets of NYC? How do I “run and follow” my aspirations?

This outfit fits the bill in answering all my questions: (now if only I could get my life as together as this look…I’m working on it…it is happening…slowly…)

DA41A18C-0FDE-4DD2-82B0-072EEFE1D11E.jpgThe perforated blazer plainly communicates structure and power. I wore it with no top underneath to let the perforated fabric keep me cool in the summer heat. It does have a slight shimmering sparkle which I love because it keeps the look young and playful.


A hand-me-down white tiered skirt spoke of another time while managing to also be timeless and on trend (can a mini skirt really say that much?) The beauty is in the simplicity, the slight tiered scallops, straight fit and airiness reminds me of tennis, lemonade and summertime. This is the kind of piece that I can pair with a cropped graphic tee and sneakers and be fun and cute, or I can bring her out for a day of business with the blazer. (Yes, I gendered my skirt…)

The slight platform of the espadrille style sandal tops the look off, pushing it to summer spectrum. Sometimes open toed shoes on the streets of NYC can make me feel dirty; the slight platform and lace up quality of this pair makes them totally acceptable.

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Finally, the cream of the crop, a mini purse. A trend that has blown up to epic proportions, become a meme, and a style staple for Instagram bloggers everywhere, I think this bag TALKS THE TALK.

Hear me out, carrying a small bag is the ultimate power. It says: “Hi, my life is so together that I only need this 5 inch by 2 inch space to store it all in, how are you?” It might whisper, “I am carefree!” It might nod its head to other mini purses on the arms and pinkies of Instagram influencers and communicate that you’re up on your trends. And… there is a slight chance that the bag might deep down know that it is satirical, with little purpose in my daily life where I usually am weighted down by granola bars and a laptop. Maybe I am personifying the bag a tiny bit too much, but lets just say that for a day off business casual look the structure of this ruby red gem of a purse does it all.

What do you get dressed for in life? Comment what you think of this look!!! We love hearing from you. Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram.

P.S. shout out to the vaseline on my legs giving them such a shiny glow shhhhh.

Overthinking my outfits always,


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  1. Sandy
    August 18, 2019 / 8:34 am

    Absolutely adore this look on you! The jacket personifies grace yet all-business. The sandles are fabulous against the playful miniskirt, and the purse size, shape and color complement the whole look. Anna, you look fantastic. You are catching up with yourself! I love and miss you very much.💝

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