Putting in the WORK [trend alert]

Putting in the WORK [trend alert]


Here are three looks combining three of the biggest themes in fashion: workwear, neutrals, and monochrome.

Workwear or wearing pieces originally designed for industrial jobs as a fashion statement has been on the rise in the industry. Whether it has roots in the rise of “skater” culture or people’s desire to be comfortable; uniform fashion is a trend I hope to see stay in fashion for a long time. How easy is it to look in your wardrobe and put together a look that fits your personal aesthetic without having to spend time thinking if the pieces will match? That is the beauty of having a workwear inspired wardrobe.

The obsession with pockets, loose silhouettes, canvas materials and the affinity for neutral color schemes (combatting the market of neon colors) also plays into this trend.

While my whole wardrobe may not fit into this neat ideaology, I do find when I purchase new items they lean into this style of uniform based clothing.


To hear more about these looks and see them in action watch my latest video.

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  1. Sandy Butler
    April 15, 2019 / 9:15 pm

    Very cool, very serious!

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