NYC’s Valentines Day…Any Day Date Spot

NYC’s Valentines Day…Any Day Date Spot

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Influencers and foodies alike have been posting about it, and chances are-if you live in New York City at least- that you’ve heard of this place. With its millennial pink, quirky neon signs,  and rose decorations, LRoom Cafe is the new dessert hub for both young people and sweet tooths.

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   Located on fourteenth street and sixth avenue, the dessert spot opened during the summer of 2018, and has gained popularity since then. Like most people, I avidly check my instagram feed out of boredom, and it was one day during my winter break that I stumbled upon an ad from LRoom: an arrangement of seven decadent teas, each a sweet color and topped with a cream, called out to me and enticed me to save the ad until I could returned to the city and try one myself.

  On a cold day in February, in celebration of the Valentine’s Day spirit,  Run and Follow’s very own Anna Butler, and I visited LRoom- to not only have our own “Galentine’s day”- but to see what the hype was for ourselves. By this time, I had seen a plethora of instagram posts from both influencers and fellow peers of food pictures and selfies at this place. The interior of the restaurant was very well curated- the walls a bright white adorned with an eclectic selection of neon signs and the seats and tables painted in a matte millennial pink. The employees were all young and friendly. There was a wide selection of foods, and to my surprise, not all of them were sweets, as there were a handful of savory food selections to choose from. Anna ordered a latte covered in gold glitter, and I a rose green iced tea. The tea had a very fresh and soft floral taste (hence the rose), and Anna described her latte as a definite photo opportunity and a very almond milk-y tasting latte.

The flowers were unfortunately NOT edible as Anna learned.

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For dessert, I ordered the Wonderland Egg Waffle and Anna the Rose Garden Egg Waffle. The presentation of both was beautiful,  each carefully garnished with fruits, flowers, and confectioner’s sugar. My order of waffles was placed on top of a coat of chocolate, and came with a side of cream, held in a tin cup. The waffle was very rich and warm, and the cream added to the richness. Although a bit overpriced ($16.00!), the dessert, plus the experience of dining in a very well-curated and aesthetically pleasing area was worth it.

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LRoom not only sells and serves beautifully crafted sweets and pastries, but it sells an experience with its interior and decor. Customers can be seen taking photos in front of the entrance (Anna and I took a few too), which has hands protruding out the walls, holding roses. LRoom also sells beautifully crafted bouquets and to go versions of its pastries.

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  Though not somewhere I would personally frequent to satisfy my sweet tooth (mainly because of price), LRoom is an Instagram worthy hot spot that provides an experiential service with its decor and presentation of foods. It is also a great place to treat a loved one (or yourself) to a sweet treat, as love is not only reserved for Valentines day and special occasions, but something that can and should be expressed all year around.

Besides, who doesn’t want to drink a glittery latte?

Without a doubt an Instagram worthy sweet tooth stop for anyone looking for a fun date.



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    Looks, sounds wonderful!

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