Fashion Student: Day In The Life

Fashion Student: Day In The Life

I mentioned in my post earlier this week that I wanted to start vlogging more regularly (check that post HERE). My second vlog is now live:

In this vlog I gave a very informal look of what my Monday’s look like as a Fashion Institute of Technology student (commuter student). I know that prospective city students watch videos like this and I also just think that YouTube is amazing for giving me a platform where I can be more casual with the audience.

Since this was so casual I’m going to leave a more organized schedule here:

6:40 am– Leave my house for the train station. Sometimes I drive myself other times a family member will drive me

7:18 am– I board the commuter train full of business men and women hustling their way to Wall Street. These trains are super crowded normally because it is an express train. I then transfer stations once in Jersey before taking a train into NYC Pen Station. I then walk four blocks to FIT for my 8 am.

8:30 am– Product Development class. My professor is great so we actually do not meet until 8:30 am. In this vlog we didn’t go to class but walked to Haddad Studios instead. This is a licensing company for Crayola, Levi, and a dozen other companies who specializes in childrens clothing

11:00 am– I get out of product development and have a break where I go to the car or to a nearby place to get food and do a little work. Sometimes I will grab coffee with a friend or study during this time.

12:10 pm: Strategies Of Selling- I go over what happens in the class if you watch the video!

3:00 pm– I get out of Strategies of Selling and eat a snack. I then do homework in the cafeteria or in the commuter lounge. Some days I hang out with friends too. This is where I forgot to keep filming in the vlog. I usually get dinner with a girl from my night class before my night class every Monday.

6:30 pm– Merchandising Math class. Yes, I really take a math class late at night and yes it is a decision that makes my brain hurt. This course is simple math but very hard concepts and definitely a class I should have taken earlier in the day. However, I am regardless still doing pretty well in it.

9:20 pm– I get out of my night class and then I go to a friends apartment or I will sit on campus (usually one of the last living beings on campus at this point). There is a weird gap in train schedules that strands me at this time

9:51– A train that goes to my connection finally arrives. I transfer stations once and then I am on my train home to my stop.

10:22 pm– I get to my stop and drive myself (or get picked up) to go back home. This is pretty much where my day ends every Monday.

My schedule is a little crazy. It is very long and tiring but I couldn’t imagine my day any other way and am happy with it.

Let me know what you think!


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