First Vlog, Thoughts

First Vlog, Thoughts

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Over the weekend I uploaded my first real attempt at vlogging. I decided to make a formal attempt for the remainder of 2018 (and for the next year from October 28th onward) to make consistent vlogs. I am not sure how often I will upload them, eventually I would love to do them daily to give a full transparent look into my life, however I am not an unreasonable person and do not think I am ready to dive completely into that world yet.

I hope through these vlogs I can watch myself develop as a person, a business woman/entrepreneur and track the growth of my blog/social media. I hope to entertain you guys, my viewers but I also hope to be able to look back and see growth.

I am excited to see where this vlogging journey takes me and I am excited, as always, to be trying something new. Video media is easier then written blog media sometimes and I think it is easier to relate to a video.

When I talk about YouTube with people (specifically my peers and friends) there is two main categories people fall into.

First Type: that that they want to start a vlog and for a long time I was part of those ranks (the wishers). Everyone has the capability but with anything, there is 100 and one excuses as to why someone isn’t doing something.

Second Type: “Oh I have a YouTube!”, I have also been among these ranks. Yes, you have a YouTube, yes it has a few videos but its not growing or changing and there is no consistent uploading. When you view it you don’t even know if it’s an active channel because there is weeks or months between videos.

What do you think of this casual blog style? Feel free to subscribe, like or leave some feed back on this post or on the video.





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