Amplitude: Experimental Collection

Amplitude: Experimental Collection

This collection is hand designed and sewn with the softest and highest quality fabrics. All the designs are completely original. From the video production to naming the collection to sewing each piece I had been obsessing for the past three months. These designs were made without patterns, from trial and error and this collection really marks the start of the next chapter in my web store.

The video was a huge part for me, I wanted to create something unique that showcased the movement of the pieces, allowed RAF to be taken as a serious and professional brand, and showcased a variety in who can wear RAF. This project was filmed, edited and ultimately brought to life by my friend and videographer, Tara Tyndall who is a film student at Penn State, as well as being a real girl boss.

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Amplitude- the maximum extent of a vibration…this collection pushes the boundaries of gender, color, and sizing. All the pieces are one/two sizes only with bold color and style choices. Change your perception of the human body and of clothing when you wear a piece of RAF. The only piece with multiple size runs are the “Don’t Sweat It Thong Leggings” which will be produced in two size runs. The other pieces as of now are “one size, embrace the fit.” Everyone’s body fills the pieces differently which was the coolest part of shooting with such a variety of models in the video.

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One of the models stated that he “loves how each persons personality really shows through when they put it on…I wouldn’t normally put a blonde or pale person in bright orange but this color and fit manages to work really well” Even the pants, fit our six foot tall male model and our 5′ 3″ curvy female model.

Experimenting with extra long sleeves, drop shoulders, zippers and bold color ways this collection is intended to play with the perception of the body. There is a sexualization in a quirky way the thong leggings and cropped “bra” styled top are designed which is juxtaposed with bright childish colors and oversized sweatshirts.

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The “Toasty Lounge Pants” for instance, are first of all the comfiest things you will ever put on, but secondly they operate as sweatpants, but in a fashionable way that could be worn to class, brunch or even certain work environments. They are functional pieces, while being fashionable and whimsical.

My favorite piece will be getting a separate post; the “Deconstruct Hoodie” is produced in the bright color “Caution with purple zippers” but also has the option of a neutral “mocha with white zippers”. Super long sleeves, giant front pocket and detachable hoodie and sleeves make this a stand out piece that is both functional and fashionable.

What do you think of the collection? If you read this far take discount code EXTRA15 for 15% off any order on the site. Love the support, love comments, love thumbs up on the video and feel free to follow us anywhere!


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