The Hamptons: House Inspiration

The Hamptons: House Inspiration


What is better then having a Hamptons house? Staying at a Hamptons house without having the clean up or stress of managing it. Utilizing AirBnB is a great way to live a life you wouldn’t normally have lived an to get a feel of different people’s houses. There are many reasonable deals and beautiful locations to rent for a relatively good price, especially if you’re renting with friends or family. I love AirBnB because it eliminates the need for a hotel and I have always had amazing experiences.


Over the summer I spent a beautiful long weekend in the Hamptons. Its just beginning to feel cold and wintery outside so I thought I would tease the summer lovers out there with some Hamptons inspiration. If you’re looking for somewhere airy, beachy and pretty; full of neutral tones and elegance, the Hamptons is where you need to book next summers get away.

Although known for mansions, and trust me there are mansions, there is something quaint about it. I stayed in a medium sized Airbnb and I loved the layout. It had everything a lake house or beach house should have. I’ve stayed at a few lake houses and beach houses and this one really exemplified everything a good vacation home should have:


  1. Beautiful Location: If it is somewhere to escape from everyday life, it should definitely be somewhere you think is beautiful. The house overlooked the bay and had a long boardwalk style walkway that brought you directly into the water. E1A0E224-B6B6-4D60-B133-433D17CC651E.JPG
  2. Natural Light EVERYWHERE: What is the point of being in a beautiful location? This house was medium sized and blended beautifully into its environment. It had neutral color schemes and huge beautiful picture frame windows overlooking the bay.127E8BD1-C341-4D07-B3C0-13221399BB8F.JPG
  3. Room for everyone:  Numerous bedrooms for the whole family to stay. A bedroom in the basement, a beautiful little loft with a ladder that extended out of the living room, a master bedroom with a large window overlooking the bay and another two bedrooms facing the front side of the house. The house was set back from the main road on a long driveway. 8C3240F8-0B0F-49F7-82CE-2D10FACD68D6.JPG
  4. Water Access: I mean, maybe this is me but having the ability to enjoy the eater during the summer, especially when the house comes equipped with a paddle board and a kayak is a huge bonus.


My time spent in the Hamptons over the summer really matches the color pallet of my Charity Collection for my web store. The cool blues, sandy tones and calm feelings of happiness I associated with them hold a sense of comfort that resonates with both myself and my customers. Clothes really do emulate life, especially in this case!


Enjoy the summer vibes in these pictures, definitely some interior design inspiration worth checking out, but also don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful fall weather!!! Do you love summer or fall more, comment below!



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  1. Sandy Butler
    October 17, 2018 / 11:18 am

    I still hold such warm and wonderful memories of this amazing family mini vacay/event. Great photos!
    Miss you very much!😘

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