Hand Painted Vintage Look

Hand Painted Vintage Look


For a night out with a good friend and fellow girl boss, I slipped into a pair of bright green tapered dress pants and faux suede crop top. The neon green is such a shocking shade that has become a big fad color in the past five months. If it continues to rise, I could see it becoming a trend color for the next year paired with trendy checker prints and working well with the athleisure trend. From Kylie Jenner to boutique brands to streetwear brands such as Supreme there has been a huge influx of neon (specifically green). Its so playful and shocking which is what draws people in. I kept the look super “thrifty” slipping on some white New Balances and carrying a small quirky bag with a funky pattern.


Snapseed 2.jpg

The crowning item of my look however is this super oversized vintage denim jacket. I hand painted a picture from Cardi B’s pregnancy announcement on the back of it over this summer which took about a week to paint. I then added rhinestones along the back and leopard print fabric on the chest.


I like this jacket a lot because it shows my painting capabilities and my ability to customize. I love customizing jackets (and other clothing) for people because that is how I transitioned Run & Follow from a lifestyle blog into a brand. Going back to my roots of having personal connections with my shoppers, I will be opening a more structured way to order customized clothing from Run & Follow Shop in the upcoming months. SO stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter on Run & Follow Shop HERE.

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments.


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