How To Be Productive (Monday Vlog)

How To Be Productive (Monday Vlog)


So this was supposed to be published on Tuesday, April 24 but due to a glitch in scheduling here it is now!

Today’s video is my first attempt at a single day blog! Ia actually had a lot of fun making this and it kept me focused on finishing tasks quickly to make sure I had a lot of content. I had a little trouble with my camera being in focus and figuring out if I should hold the camera or use a tripod, but I feel that comes with learning. The biggest tips I hope you got from this video is:

1. Find a key task to use as a starting point. This task will help set your brain up into a productive mode (aka me making my bed)

2. To do lists are the best, but be reasonable and break them down into smaller lists.

3. Make sure you live your life! You own your to do list, it doesn’t own you! Prioritize but don’t forget to live in the spontaneous moments too!

Let me know if you liked this style video below!

With Love,

Anna B


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