Inner Monologue Meets Sex and the City

Inner Monologue Meets Sex and the City


Let’s preempt this post with: I started watching the TV show Sex and the City on Amazon Prime. I have a very crowded schedule for the most part and when I customize jackets for my clients I end up working late into the night (aka early morning) finishing things up. Listening/watching these episodes has caused me to begin to narrate my life like Sarah Jessica Parkers character.

A few nights ago, I found myself sitting at the dinner table, crashing my parents potential dinner date night. My inner monologue grabbed the microphone in Sara Jessica Parker’s voice:

“A few nights before my next birthday, a day a woman already dreads, I found myself freshly unemployed, living with my mom and dad after a brief stint in Manhattan and struggling to run a start up company. If I admitted it I was spending way too much time with my dogs too, reverting to a crazy dog lady. I have to wonder, what am I doing wrong?”


As Parker’s character often realizes in a neat 30 minutes, (I took a little longer then that), life has a funny way of showing itself. You need to low reality checks to match the highs. Within a week of this journal entry (my birthday was April 18th), my mood has done a 360. I’m starting a new much better job then my previous, its an unfortunate growing pain that certain companies don’t have room for growth. As for my social life, it isn’t as hopeless as I felt, I celebrated my birthday surrounded by friends and love, and after all I am now 19, its not that unusual to need your parents help. These are the years I should cherish with my parents. I’m taking time to sort things out now.


My point in sharing this is that my life isn’t 100% where I want it to be, but that discomfort, that is what motivates me. People who are comfortable I find stay in place, not growing, not pushing themselves, not achieving big goals. Being uncomfortable is one of the biggest motivators a person can have. Sometimes being uncomfortable now and not relying on instant gratification, you can take time to set yourself up for greater comfort and gratification later.

With love,

Anna B

P.S. Yes, these pictures have nothing to do with the post except I liked them and they aren’t worthy of their own post…oopsies.


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