Snakeskin Details

Snakeskin Details


It seems like despite being well into April, Winter will not release its freezing cold grasp. Random warm days break through and overtime I think it is going to stick around, we’re cold and freezing again. I hate being cold and the weather making me moody, my productivity and tiredness levels are unfortunately being impacted by the gross weather conditions as well. Sometimes, I find the need to nap really overwhelming on rainy gross days because it feels like the rain itself is trying to beat me into the pavement.




To combat the urge to never remove my pajamas, I developed a twist on the classic black hoodie. By hand sewing this pretty snake skin print to the pocket it makes it unique and more fashionable. The base of the sweatshirt are golden hoodies, a super soft staple piece for the winter.

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  1. April 24, 2018 / 3:09 am

    Hahahaha!! And why would you want to remove them? PJs are like clouds tethered to the ground, for us to cuddle and hold!! Good job on that snakeskin kangaroo pocket though, that hoodie looks really good, Anna.

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