Custom Jackets For Everyone!

Custom Jackets For Everyone!

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After a month (February) of questioning my company, the brand image, and if people would take me seriously, my patience and persistence has been rewarded. This month after working a pop up shop with my colleges retail boutique (more about that in Friday’s post), I have a received a huge influx of custom orders, specifically for painted or patched denim jackets. Below are a few of the custom jackets I’ve made (and yes, I have about four more to make and here I am blogging about what I did instead of finishing them…yes, I have a bit of an ego, and yes I procrastinate). When I finish another batch of jackets I’ll post more close ups, sports stay tuned!



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Because of the event, I also devised a customization step by step ordering guide. Does anyone want me to make a post on my customization methodology?


With love,

Anna B




  1. March 28, 2019 / 9:25 am

    I have designed beautiful jackets specially that black one i liked most.

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