Barbie Girl: Let Your Freak Fly

Barbie Girl: Let Your Freak Fly

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Ah, New York City. Renowned for its amazing architecture, dollar pizza, and alas, the sweet smell of self expression.

In my first few months of NYC, and having grown up right outside of NYC, I familiarized myself with night life and all the unspoken rules. You can’t get into most popular clubs without a promoter (aka a 40 something year old who is friends with the doorman and bouncer and often for a small fee of $20 “guarantees” you entrance to the club), the “dress attractive but not too attractive”, the smile really big, etc. Honestly, club life got tiring and frankly boring real real fast. You have to dress “normal”, and creativity got you barred from the entrance, not celebrated (except the weekends leading up to Halloween where weird is ok). It was so much work to be way clausterphobic and not even get to enjoy your friends. I am not saying I didn’t have fun, because yes a lot of the times club hopping and the sore legs from your too high high heels and getting pizza at 3am, or 4 am, or 5 am, it was exhilarating. It is a love hate relationship, as are most things in Manhattan.

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With that background mind you, I stopped clubbing after Halloween because it was diluting my sense of life causing me to sleep away half my days, be creatively drained and just not adding to my quality of life. However, when my good friend Karol called me up last week and invited me to a drag queen face off themed “Nikki Minaj, Ke$ha, and Brittany Spears”, I was ready to go (after dismantling 6 barbies and covering myself in glitter). This kind of club was different, people wanted to see the weirdest, freakiest, and craziest. I had dozens of people take my photo and really got a good reminder of what NYC is all about, self expression and judgement free zones.


I made my crown out of garden wire, barbies, rubber bands and an old headband from the early 2000s. Meanwhile my necklace was some Barbie torsos strung together on a ribbon, and my dress was a slip I had found in my closet over some colorful spandex. After lots of pink eyeshadow, glitter, and some more accessories I was able to dig up in my closet, I was ready to go. Karol’s look on the other hand was comprised of Ikea bags, glitter and gems. A little boy blue look for the books if I have ever seen one. (Ok, it might be true, Karol and I like attention…a lot.)


I danced all night, and had a great time and only froze a little bit in the chilly night air waiting for our Uber.

With love,

Anna B




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