I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

I Wanna Be A Cowgirl


In high fashion terms, one of the biggest trends blanketing the runways for Spring 2018/Fall 2019 was the “Western trend”. Ornate big belt buckles, cow print, cow girl boots, vests, and fringe, everything the wild Wild West is all about is, well, it is running wild. The western trend has persistently been popping up on the runway for over three seasons now, but this is a new level.



I channeled the trend almost as hard and slightly less fashionably then its been hitting the runway. I am wearing a pair of second hand mules from BCBGirls. They look like someone cut the boot part off of a cowgirl boot, and yes I am living for it. The yellow in the boot is also peaking through this season as well.


Matching the yellow in the boot, I wore a vintage yellow leather blazer I took from my grandmas closet. Underneath the blazer I wore a cow print button up under the blazer, courtesy of my local GoodWill.


My pants are a mid to high rise dark wash with a cool folded up detailing on the legs. These were a hand me down (do you see a theme of how I don’t buy clothes here!?), but originally from Hispanic brand, MNGO.


What do you think of the western trend? Would you try it out?


Anna B


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