All Belted Up

All Belted Up

There haven’t been many trends that excite me in the past year, nothing very ground breaking, but this past fall the uprising of the accessory game, specifically belts was something I could definitely get on board with.


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For my first product release of April in RAF’s online store I will be introducing you to our darling Tiffany, an amazing 54 inch long canvas D ring belt coming in three colors. And yes, for just $21 she can lovingly wrap your waist!

These belts are currently the only product in the store where I whole sale purchase, but to keep our sacred individuality we are offering the ability to customize your belts with patches (email us if you want to customize or ask about it in the notes section at checkout!), you of course can rock it plain as well.

I love the drama of the extra long belt, the block coloring, the pop they bring.

I always try to be as transparent with you guys as possible so I have a confession…I began developing and searching for the perfect belt to sell in October, now, in April a few other stores are currently selling this borderline fad piece. A hurdle with my webstore is that we operate with a small team and a cautious budget so although our ideas are often innovative and ahead of the market, we tend to get drowned out in the noise. Its overwhelming to be beginning a store in such an oversaturated market and often it feels like we’re waiting for a breakthrough. This doesn’t deter me necessarily, it motivates me to work twice as hard behind the scenes. Despite the delay in producing this product, we are super excited to have launched it yesterday! Support a small reasonably priced business and shop this trend through Run and Follow Shop!

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Some of you might be thinking, hmmm this looks familiar. I have actually been styling the sample pieces of the products for the past few weeks HERE, HERE, and HERE. I just had to try all the color ways to see how they would style.

What do you think of this product? Thank you all as always for the support!

With love,

Anna B

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