A Colorful Magazine Feature

A Colorful Magazine Feature

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My favorite part of starting my blog and web store has been the people and opportunities I have attracted from it. One of my classmates at FIT, Lauren Hodgen recently launched a unique and innovative online magazine called Coloré.

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Each month her and her co creator, Meredith, focus on a different color scheme and often their articles relate back to that topic in one abstract way or another as well. For the March issue they did a feature interview of me and my company. I included a lot of the pictures in this post but to read the interview please click HERE.

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The theme for March was green. Lauren wanted to highlight my brand and a little bit about me awn a blogger and woman; two of my outfits were centric around RAF graphic tees while the third outfit was just a styled outfit of the day following the green theme. The day of the interview and photoshoot was rainy as ever but Lauren utilized her creativity and we headed over to the Brooklyn Botanical garden and got some otherworldly shots in the greenhouses.

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What do you think of this shoot?

With love,

Anna B

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