Lady In Red

Lady In Red



If you know me on any sort of semi personal level, you know I thrive off of colors finding deep connections in them. My favorite color, highly inspired by my mom’s is red. I have had a lot of people tell me that if I could embody a color it would definitely be red. Between may very strong personality, my fierce loyalty to my loved ones and belief systems and how strongly I feel emotions you can definitely say I am intensely red. When I wear the color I feel powerful. I feel like it demands attention in a good way. Its a bold color.



For this shoot I could pick from a hundred different dresses and outfits to wear, but this beautiful all red lace dress from the brand Temptation Positano. Its called the Samoa dress and although red screamed my name it is also sold in white. Shop it in red HERE. It is such a flattering fit I could just picture it perfectly for a restaurant by the beach, but I mean this rooftop was pretty amazing too!

IMG_2024 2.JPG

I could go on a rant about the rich history behind the color throughout the world, how it was one of the first colors in nature other then neutral tones, how its regarded as a good luck color in China etc, but I am more interested in hearing about your guys favorite color! Leave a comment below what your favorite color is and WHY!

With love,

Anna B


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