Color of The Year: Ultra Violet

Color of The Year: Ultra Violet


pantoneuvFor those of you that are super fashion enthusiasts I’m sure I am not the first to inform you of Pantone’s color of the year, “Ultra Violet”, a shade of purple.

When I first heard this color choice I was a little puzzled, it is the complete opposite of last years hue of green. Originally I thought maybe it derived from the trend of “millennial pink” that plagued 2017, perhaps this color a few shades darker then pink but following the girly trend was the evolution. Then, I was talking with a buyer for a luxury boutique out of California and she introduced a different theory to me: purple is the mix of blue and red (the two biggest political colors in the US), so the color was making a statement on how the world is hyper politicized. Although I won’t be discussing politics any time soon on my blog, because you can go almost anywhere else on the internet for that, I do agree that people need to put more attention into focusing their energy on action and less energy on arguing, proving sides, and making long rants on social media about extremists. We need less extremism and more compassion and compromise in todays world, that is all I will say on that don’t worry I am not using my platform to choke you with more politics.

Purple has deep roots in grounding people making them feel calm and softer, another thing definitely needed in todays society.


Whether you agree with that theory or not, it will be interesting to see how purple makes it way into our closets in the upcoming year! I already had a super soft purple sweater from Urban Outfitters and a purple dress from China in my closet prior to this year. In my last post (here) I showed off a purple Cami top I thrifted recently in honor of the color.IMG_2018.JPG

Working in a showroom specializing in immersing European luxury designers into there American market I’ve seen quite a few buyers start integrating purple in their accessories (i.e. scarves), and maroon tones begin building in leather handbags. The new collections for the upcoming spring are arriving in the upcoming weeks so I will definitely let you guys know if I see more purple in the future!


What do you think of the political theory behind the clothes? What do you think of the color purple in general? Leave your comments below! Lets start a convo!

With love,

Anna B


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  1. February 23, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    Love the 1st (sweater) and 3rd (camisole) photos!!

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