Investment Pieces: Designer Handbags

Investment Pieces: Designer Handbags

There’s many people who would say spending over $100 dollars on a bag or item of apparel is a waste of money, and to that I have an argument. People who buy every new item such as Gucci loafers and trend driven pieces from brands, I agree that is somewhat nonsensical unless the individual is individually wealthy or has unlimited access to their parents credit card. And don’t get me wrong, if you love a trendy piece, you buy it, power to you. But thats not what this post is about…


When you purchase a classic piece from a heritage brand (i.e. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc) you are buying into quality, craftsmanship; you are buying an image and a promise. You are making an investment, specifically when you buy something like a classic, iconic bag (or article of clothing) from them. To put it plainly, you are buying the history of a bag.

Maybe you’re skeptical, I was raised by very spiritual parents with very little focus put on materialism (surprising that I would go into the fashion industry, I know), however in the past year or two I have begun to realize luxury pieces are more then a status symbol or something to tag in an Instagram post.



This past year I had the pleasure like many other New Yorkers and tourists alike to visit the Louis Vuitton exhibit. Here, I got to watch the brand unfold before my eyes learning about the vast history, development, and numerous collaborations the brand has conducted throughout the years. LV began as a luggage company, for trunks, for travelers. I really felt very inspired by the brand.


Since LV historically was a luggage brand, I figured it was fitting for my first LV piece to be the “KEEPALL BANDOULIÈRE 50”, a Louis Vuitton duffel bag with the cross body strap. This bag is definitely a huge investment, and it was a gift I received for the holidays. Opening the box I was completely taken aback, unsure if it was even real knowing the hefty price tag my family had to have paid for it. I had mentioned to my mom that when I was older I think that would be the first piece I would buy; I post certainly did not expect to open it that year.


My mom explained, that this was the year I was beginning my solo travels, the year I initially moved out and the year I really entered the world therefore she wanted me to have this bag as a gift to take with me and accompany me for years and years to come. Since Louis bags were historically luggage bags she told me it was only fitting that my Louis was intentioned for traveling. When you receive something like a Louis duffle bag, you’re buying into a lifestyle. These bags or clothing pieces (not just from LV) mark a change in your life.

Never having been afraid of second hand goods, I asked her why she wouldn’t have purchased it second hand and she said that when she looked at the second hand bags it really convinced her to buy me one new. She said dozens of people had Louis’s listed that were 20+ years, still in great condition, still with so much life in them, still being resold for hundreds of dollars. To her, buying the full priced Louis was worth it because there was proof everywhere of the quality. (Of course I would buy second hand items in the future, I just bring this point up to show the fact that other people find investment in these purchases).


This piece really meant a lot to me, symbolically more then monetarily and it is a piece I plan to use for years and years to come. There are many investment pieces cheaper and more expensive then this one, it’s all about the meaning and the personal value it brings you!

What was your first designer piece? Drop me a comment!

With love,

Anna B



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