The Art of "Ugly"

The Art of "Ugly"


IMG_1372IMG_1989.JPGHave you ever looked at high fashion, whether it be in magazines like Vogue or watched a runway show and thought, “Wow that is so ugly!” or “Who would wear that???”, and the answer is, you would. Runway fashion/high fashion determines trends that you purchase in stores whether it be color schemes, pattern motifs or other aspects. When I think of high fashion I personally think of pushing boundaries and putting pieces on that make people take a second glance. To me, fashion is about making a statement and putting together pieces people wouldn’t normally see together. I like taking extremes or opposite pieces and putting them together and making a statement. This particular look book, linked below is full of Fall themed color schemes and patterns that make almost trendy but borderline “ugly” looks. Yes people, we are talking socks with sandals, golf vests, stripes and plaids, athletic leggings and leather shorts.

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