OOTD: Incorporated Street Style

OOTD: Incorporated Street Style

If you’re familiar with my blog or my Instagram, its pretty clear I have an eclectic style preference. I love mixing colors, textures, and products to create unique looks. Although I like to mix it up, humans are creatures of comfort and I do tend to lean towards warmer color schemes (quench’s my favorite color, red), with lots of boho and free spirited pieces.

SO, what do I do when I’m challenged with styling a street wear brand such as Supreme, especially when its a color (green) I hardly gravitate towards? I put together this look.

I’m wearing a structured canvas button down dress. Although its striped featuring reds, beige, and blue, the pattern is a “small print” which is perfect to be mixed with other patterns. I then layered on a comfy blazer styled jacket featuring color blocks of green from Urban Outfitters. The colors in this jacket compliment the light color tones of the dress while tying in with the green in the Supreme hat perfectly.

Between the hat and the jacket, this look has a somewhat military vibe which I love for fall. I finished the look of with some canvas lace up ankle boots that pair perfectly with the colors of the dress.

Just because you don’t “normally” wear a certain brand or style doesn’t mean that you never will. I really value the business model and brand image streetwear brands such as Supreme so I am always happy to incorporate one of their pieces into my wardrobe.

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