Puristry Skin Care

Puristry Skin Care

If you’re looking for all natural, reasonably priced skin care products to incorporate/take over your skin products look no further! Anthroplogie has recently launched a six piece skin care regime, Pursitry. They reached out to me and let me pick two products to try, and needless to say I am not disappointed!

As an overworked college student trying to get the most out of her life, I don’t necessarily sleep as much as I should and often get under eye bags. I hate wearing make up but hate the way my eye bags look so the first product I bought was the Yerba Mate Eye Cream.

Using a multitude of natural ingredients but specifically the fact that they infuse the cream with caffeine that helps brighten and make eyes look more awake. Plus all the products smell AMAZING.

The second product I picked to try was the Nopal Cactus Cleanser. Having super sensitive skin the emphasis on how gentle this Cleanser was important to me and it did not disappoint.

I love the products simplistic packackaging with both products featuring a nice pump on top and a rectangular design.

I would definitely buy the other products from this skincare set!!!! Perfect for most skin types and super gentle.

With love,

Anna B





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