Social Media For A Small Business

Social Media For A Small Business

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The past year I worked part time in a semi local retail store. After working there for a few months the store owner approached me and hired me to be the Social Media director for the brand. Social media has become an extraordinarily valuable advertising and networking tool in the past years and brands, it’s made it possible for large businesses, small growing businesses, or even individual people with something to say to connect to a large audience and cut out the necessity of a “middle man” advertiser. Although being the Social Media Director for that small brand by no means makes me an expert, I did garner knowledge of a few key tricks that I’m going to share below. Feel free to leave your own tricks in the comments!

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  1. Maintaining a Brand Image- This is going to be the most important step of developing a social media presence. You need to develop a brand image that appeals to your target audience. You should develop one to three types of posts you plan to post on your social media making sure to prominently display your product. Posts incorporating people will tend to get more likes. Since the team at the boutique I worked for was small, and the retail turn over was extraordinarily fast I created primarily flat lays showcasing multiple articles of clothing. I used the same background (the floor of the store) in majority of posts so customers would remember it and associate the background with our brand. I incorporated the occasional photo with a person in it when it showcased the product more effectively. Depending on your team, the amount of time you have, and your product, find a style that works for you or your brand!img_15591.png
  2. The Art of Editing- More so, the art of not editing. You want pictures that are taken in well lit (natural) lighting, a clear focus on your products, and neat composition. The brand I worked for had a signature color (purple) so I used a cool color schemed filter from the editing app VSCO to lightly make all of the pictures match. Do NOT warp the way the product looks with heavy filters and editing. FullSizeRender 24
  3. Utilize Quotes and Filler Posts- You need to post everyday but this can be a monstrous task, especially if you are trying to post multiple times a day. This is when quote based posts or posts stating an upcoming sale or store announcement become your saving grace. I used these posts to motivate shopping and quotes that aligned with our brands motto primarily. I also use quote posts as fillers and to help my feed flow more on my blog accounts.FullSizeRender 27.jpgFullSizeRender 26.jpgFullSizeRender 28.jpg
  4. Hashtags and Times- Using a hashtag immediately opens your post up to every other person who has used that hashtag. You want to pick a hashtag that is popular and well trafficked with numerous other posts “tagged” to it. Hashtags open your picture up to numerous other like minded people. They can be utilized to varying degrees of success on nearly every social media platform. Hashtags will bring more traffic to your pictures but also post at popular times. Positing a picture at times when a lot of people are on social media (morning time when everyone checks their phones, night time before bed, be mindful of time zones, etc) will let you naturally reach a larger audience.

I hope these few tips are helpful for anyone trying to start off! Let me know if you guys want advice on anything else or if you need larger explanations of anything!

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