I'm Not Lucky

I'm Not Lucky

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If this Monday Motivation quote doesn’t define your life then maybe you should reevaluate your life, sorry if that is harshly put but this Monday is the wake up call you’ve been waiting for. Let’s break down this quote, because thats what we do around here on Monday Motivation posts!

No one is lucky, there is simply people who are close minded and unable to see their lives passing before their eyes, and there’s people who see ambition and opportunity everywhere they go.

People who sit around waiting for things to happen or who soak in their own pity parties are people who aren’t on the look out for opportunities. in life its important to make opportunities for yourself whether it be by sending your resume out to hundreds of companies or networking with someone you started talking with on the grocery store line. The world is full of opportunities and the more energy you put out there, the more you show the world that your open, the more you will find.

Stating that you’re smart and talented is something you should do every damn morning, because chances are, you are extraordinary. If you’ve read my posts you know I’m a huge fan of the Law of Attraction (check my video on it HERE). If you don’t believe you’re smart and talented yourself how do you expect other people to think that? Be your own biggest fan!!!!

This quote is especially powerful to me this week because today marks my first day of classes for my freshman year of college. Every teacher, person I meet in New York, and classmate is an opportunity for a connection, a friendship, or even a lesson if it ends up we have zero compatibility.

I’m not going to get to specific about how college is a treasure chest of connections because you’ve either been there or you’re there now and you know it. I will however say that since I have begun to just live my life fully and focused 100% of may energy on myself, I have not been happier. When I say I spend all my attention on myself, I’m not being vain sitting staring in the mirror. Spending all my time on myself entails putting my authentic and full energy into my relations with my family, my friends, my future. it means scheduling time for myself to work on my company and blog instead of trying to squeeze it in. it means being my most authentic self and feeling every feeling that goes through my life without apologies or justifications.

This week I want everyone reading this post to do at least one thing just for themselves. (yes this ranges from simply getting a pedicure to calling a friend you miss to buying a planner and outlining time for yourself, I’m serious, learn to prioritize yourself).

Work hard for what you have and make it completely yours so no one else can touch it.

With love,

Anna B





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  1. Sandy Butler
    August 28, 2017 / 11:52 am

    Thought you might like this article…an addendum to your thoughts. By the way, Jim Lovell is one of several who para-quoted the proverb “there are three kinds of people”. Love you! Best if all today!!!!


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