July, Let's Do This!

July, Let's Do This!

From the end of June till now has been a whirl win of ups and downs. I’ve been completely scattered and had a lot of positives and negatives both personally and career wise. One thing I realized and I would like to write about for my next few Monday Motivations is the value of persistence and manifestation (which I think you will find synonymous by the end of this post).

When most people think of manifestation they think of meditating/praying/working on a big goal or a long term achievement, however “immediate manifestation” is more than that and it’s also the key to a long term goal.

Let’s say you have a happy emotion, for instance my family went to Brooklyn and the entire day was wonderful. Moment after moment was fun. Then as we’re walking back to our car, the mood shifted and suddenly we were a little snippy. Maybe it was the immense heat, or sore muscles or just being around each other for too long, whatever the reason there really wasn’t any reason.

Why should the fun have changed? What makes any moment change? A shift in events is probably your answer. But it’s not a shift in events, it’s a shift in your emotions and your perception of the events. Even the worst event can be more enjoyable or at least passable if you keep the positivity going. Interpret things in a more positive light and you can enjoy your whole life. That is the power of “immediate manifestation”.

Every month, week, day, every moment can be your chance to start manifesting a healthier and happier life.

Manifesting a long term goal can become more manageable with this tactic as well. If you have something you want, talk about it, think about it, make it an active part of your everyday life even if you can only afford to work on the idea or goal for a few minutes or an hour a day. Bringing the goal into your conscious and subconscious mind is how the universe will hear what you want and help bring it into reality. Having faith in the universe and keeping a positive outlook is probably the hardest aspect of this practice and definitely the part I struggle with the most. It’s hard to stay persistent in positivity or a goal if you don’t see large changes immediately. When you think nothing is happening is probably when the universe is working on its largest plans and changes for you.

Do you meditate? Leave your response in the comments below!

I can’t wait to give you guys some examples of how the Law of Attraction and manifestation have been slowly changing my life in upcoming posts!

With love,

Anna B





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