Governor's Ball 2017 OOTD

Governor's Ball 2017 OOTD

For those of you who have been following my blog and Instagram since the beginning, you’ll know that this year marks my third annul Governor’s Ball experience on Randall’s Island. (Read experience One and Two) This year I went for one day, Friday where I got the immersed in the beautiful art they feature, their version of statue of liberty and more. I also got to taste the amazing food line up, almost as good as the music, tasting giant mozzarella sticks, a watermelon juice drink in an actual mini watermelon, and french fries.

Performers I was blessed to witness that day included Chance the Rapper (the closing act complete with fireworks and the biggest crowd of the night), Tove Lo, Flume (for the second time, and let me tell you guys Flume gets better every time I watch), and my personal favorite (and the reason I chose Friday) Lorde.

My outfit this year was as bold as it was out of place for daily wear. But that is the true beauty of festival fashion, it doesn’t have to be street wear appropriate. With festival fashion you can wear anything and instead of getting any disapproval, you only get praise and attention. In my case I was actually featured on GovBall’s Instagram and Twitter. My friend Karol (follow him here) was an amazing show stopper with a bedazzled electric blue ensemble. I was also accompanied by my radiant sister Rachael (follow her here) who wore a black overall dress folded down, a grey tie dye crop top, and a mesh long sleeve shirt over that complete with adorable space buns.

My shorts were rainbow crocheted, an electric blue bralette (to match Karol’s ensemble). Around my neck I had a festival ready necklace and a modified floral bandana layered around my neck. My waist held an acid washed button up (for the morning and evening when the sun wasn’t scorching down on us). Under that, I had my festival necessity my fanny pack busting with my portable charger, my money, sunglasses and any extras I needed that day.

With love,
Anna B






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