Run and Follow Stickers

Run and Follow Stickers


I am pleased to announce the launch of Run and Follow’s newest merchandise!!! Shop them here!


After weeks of work, my lovely sister and I were able to produce the first piece(s) of Run and Follow’s 2017 Summer Line. At this point, this summers collection will be released in waves with no release video and larger date. Hopefully for 2017 Fall we will be able to produce another video.

This product is unlike anything we have produced before because this believe it or not is stickers! They sell in sets of 3 for just $9 (with free shipping).


Each sticker was hand drawn by me with ink on paper. The pictures were then scanned into the computer where my sister digitalizes it. After that I made swatches of colors with water color which was also scanned into my sisters computer. From there, she color corrected and matched the swatches super imposing them onto the product’s proof. Finally, we finalized the proofs and we send the designs to the production company we work with where the stickers are printed.



Each set is hand cut out and packaged by me and sent to you with love.

These vinyl babies are perfect for laptops, phone cases, S’well and other water bottles and so much more.

If you want to spread the love, the message of Run and Follow or just simply love the design purchase yours today! Buy them here!

With love,

Anna B



  1. Sandy Butler
    May 17, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    Wonderful! Where can they be seen for purchase?

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