Give Yourself the World

Give Yourself the World

“You know who’s going to give you everything? Yourself.” These words are a few of the many powerful self empowering words spoken by Diane Von Furstenberg. Before I dive into how this quote applies to life, let’s dive into a quick background of the powerful speaker. Ms. Furstenberg.

In the early 70’s she created “The Wrap Dress”, an innovative article of clothing for the working woman, and in the words of Forbes, “An icon of feminism”. During this same period she opened a showroom with the help of a friend and loan from her father. After facing potential bankruptcy however she moved to Europe and started a French Publishing house: Salvy. Through the 90s up to 2014 she has been releasing various books. She faced a number of failures (both business wise and personally) and revivals in her life, never letting them rule her self image.

This quote speaks to me because I feel passionately that everything that occurs in a persons life, both positive and negative are drawn into the individuals life by the energy they project into the universe.

So you want an internship? You want to be financially stable? You want a happy love life with a supportive partner?


What is the common factor of everything YOU want? Here’s a hint: It is you. You have to be your own biggest fan and cheerleader and your own best friend. More than just being your own best friend, you also have to be your own boss. Unfortunately, no one is going to work harder for you than yourself.  If you make a to do list, follow through with your tasks. When you give yourself reprieves the only person you are failing is yourself.

Take yourself too seriously. Work hard to reach your goals and don’t doubt yourself. Keep your ideas in your frontal lobe (aka in your conscious mind and thought patterns). Ever goal you want can be achieved by looking within at your true self. You would be amazed by how your life could change if you start working for yourself like you would work for a boss to reach your goals.

Stay hungry, stay motivated,

Anna B

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