A Rant + A Playlist

A Rant + A Playlist

Last Thursday, while scrolling Facebook, a mutual of mine posted the bold phrase,

“I can’t think of anything worse then a, BLOGGER”

Well, I can. How about someone who is so self absorbed that they change their Instagram bio nearly everyday, and obsessively monitor and edit pointless photos to fit an Instagram theme (something that numerous bloggers do, yet this individual thinks they are somehow superior for it)? How about someone who is obsessed with labeling themselves (one week they were a make up artist, another week they were a broadway actor who had never been on broadway, another week they were an artist). How about someone who is a plagiarist that takes other peoples photos and posts them as their own? I could screenshot and expose this person with exact plagiarism examples but I won’t because I understand some people are immature and still developing their individuality but to shame people’s career and hobby is so rude and extreme.

Perhaps I feel bristled as someone who is attempting to rise through the ranks and swarms of bloggers, but I think there is more then that to my irritation. First, let me establish what a “BLOGGER” is. Every high school or college girl and many boys can “start a blog”, but to be a blogger involves dedication of time, discipline in scheduling, writing skills, photo capabilities or working with photos. Successfully developing a “brand image” based off of a single person’s hobby is no easy feat. To influence or be able to carve out a niche for yourself in our over saturated internet era is impressive. I don’t want to let this person’s uneducated comment send me into a complete tyraid but my last comment is this: if someone is successful at something there is generally hours of hard work at play. Putting someone else down will never ever raise you up!


Now, to shake off that negativity here are 10 songs that make me feel happy! Let me know what your go to feel good song is:

  1. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here – Ed Sheeran
  2.  Snow – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. Play That Song- Train 
  4. Stolen Dance- Milky Chance 
  5. Ophelia- The Lumineers
  6. In the Morning- The Coral
  7.  Liability- Lorde
  8. Station- Lapsley 
  9.  Ready- Kodaline
  10.  Jackie and Wilson- Hozier

With love,

Anna B






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