Natural Healing

Natural Healing


With the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing on the East Coast these past two weeks, my brain and body are having a hard time keeping up. Staying healthy requires the perfect balance of mind, spirit, and body health. Here are some of my all natural home remedies and preventives to help you get through the weather and times of stress in your life. Leave me a comment on which was your favorite and don’t forget to check out the Instagram!

  1. TEAS + MORE


Drinking tea before bed will help promote a sense of calm or sleepiness. When you mix it with honey it will also act as a natural throat soother. Make sure the tea is caffeine free and a flavor you love (I mean, there’s so many flavors to choose from). My personal recommendation is to try a SleepyTime tea, directly designed to help you sleep naturally and fitfully.


A delicious drink you could make in lieu of a pre packaged tea is taking a few slices of ginger, a generous dose of honey and a few slices of lemon (or lemon juice is a great substitute) in a tea cup; then pour boiling water over it. Let the mixture steep for a few moments then drink. This mix does wonders for me. The honey builds a natural tolerance to local allergens as well as coating soar throats. The ginger settles your stomach and helps digestion. Finally the lemon juice is a citrus which is amazing for your immune system.

On the idea of Vitamin C, drink more orange juice, eat oranges, or even take Emergen-C drinks (a pre bought powder that you mix with water). Removing caffeine from our lives is no easy task and certainly not something I am brave enough to fully go through with; however if you are feeling nervous or anxious caffeine from coffee and chocolate will increase these sensations. Drinking caffeine in the form of Matcha Powder like Green Tea is also healthier alternative to get less concentrated doses.



Salt has a bad rep because no one wants to eat or drink things with high sodium, however salt has huge benefits to it. In my house we have Himalayan Salt Lamps plugged in our bedrooms and in our kitchen and living room. These rocks start off as pink and are promoted to absorb negativity. As they take negative energy out of the air the stone turns more white. Whether this is nonsense or not is for you to decide however no one can deny that the presence of these lamps and the soft light they project is extremely soothing. There is obviously not scientific proof behind these lamps, but even the idea of them being a pretty add on to a room when the weather outside is gloomy has benefits for me.


A nice warm bath is extremely soothing, perfect to release tension in sore muscles, break up congestion and help with stuffy noses and mucus build ups. Baths have more than that to offer though! Mix in Kosher salt to help your muscles even more. In many forms of meditation, laying in a kosher bath will help promote positive thoughts. The salt will absorb negativity as you picture a goal or positive image indoor brain and soak.

Using bath bombs, from Lush or easily home made (here’s a lovely recipe) can promote relaxation, too.



Its proven that smells can trigger a deep emotional and memory ridden response based on events of a persons childhood. Therefore, finding scents that are soothing and promote happy memories is extremely beneficial to stress relief and calming the body. Burn candles or incense sticks while you work to retrain your brain to associate work with happier memories so its less emotionally draining.

Using homemade soaps or soaps with oatmeal and other soothing natural ingredients can help promote a soothing aurora. I personally use a home made oatmeal, honey, lavender soap. Oatmeal is the perfect gentle exfoliant for coming into the spring season to soothe itchy dry cracking skin. Here is a recipe to something similar! I used modes I bought at Michaels and a different recipe but most soap recipes are similar if you just Google Search.

My sister is a big fan of sprays that promote “Stress Relief”, “Strength”, “Sleep” and “Energy”. She buys hers from Bath&Body Works.



Yoga isn’t for everyone but integrating even the smallest amount of its widely beneficial practices into your daily or weekly routine can help your mind exponentially. The purpose of yoga focuses on combining your brain and body power to hold poses that promote energy flow. Focusing on feeling the stretches in your body and becoming more in synch can help you be able to focus for long work or study sessions. Stretching your muscles promotes blood flow, and taking breaks from work to walk a lap, stretch or do a few jumping jacks as silly as it seems can promote long term memory retention and keep your brain alert.

Another proven way to increase energy flow, although somewhat tabooed, is acupuncture or acupressure. The wonders of acupuncture when implemented regularly by a professional never seize to amaze me. From regulating your menstrual cycle, to fixing muscular and tendon issues it knows no bounds. If you hate needles, acupressure revolves around the same theories except with applying pressure instead of needles.



I could lecture about the necessity of 8 hours of sleep a night, but I’m not a hypocrite. I have horrible sleeping habits, however when I do sleep I try to ensure I go into deep REM. Before I settle down for the night, I recommend you turn off all technology and everything for screens for at least an hour. Read a book, draw, mediate, pretty much do anything to help your brain calm down. if you go to bed directly after stalking someone on social media or playing a video game those thoughts will work their way into your subconscious and cause restless sleeping.

I would not recommend this next method for every night, but chewing one Melatonin tablet before sleep can help promote sleepiness especially when paired with tea or other methods. Melatonin is a natural substance and because in the modern day we spend so much time looking t screens many of our brains have a shortage of it. You can buy these chewable or in pill form at Walgreens, CVS or other stores of that nature.

I hope these 5 ideas can help everyone stay happy and healthy till warm weather decides to stick around!

With love,

Anna B




    • March 16, 2017 / 8:51 pm

      Glad we can agree on so much! Love your support

  1. March 16, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    I love this post so much! I live in the south & it was literally 45 degrees this morning & now it’s 75! My body is reacting so negatively to this! Something I also use are essential oils & a diffuser. I want a salt crystal lamp so bad 😭

    • March 16, 2017 / 9:51 pm

      I would definitely recommend a salt lamp! Just looking at mine is soothing haha. You can find reasonably priced ones on Amazon! I love essential oils 😍

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