Get Uncomfortable!

You can choose courage,

or you can choose comfort.

But you cannot have both.

After a few week hiatus from blogging and a 1 week hiatus from any Run and Follow social media I have returned with a new focus and vigor. I started Run and Follow 2 years ago; it was reborn this summer, and now we are experiencing some severe growing pains.

You may notice (especially if you are on a computer…aka look at the desktop version of my blog!) We are completely updated. The format has reemerged, the categories are streamlined. Everything is much more “me”. The format I went with is designed to look like a journal with strong focus on quote based posts and quality images.

From this pontoon RAF is going to be more focused; here’s how:

The BLOG– I will be focusing mostly on style posts, a lot of OOTD looks. I will be showing trends and my ideas through those. Perhaps there will be an occasional just fashion based posts but honestly I have more of an interest in design and styling then the world of high fashion.

Secondly, on the blog the lifestyle posts will be motivational and art based with a small focus on health.

The YOUTUBE– I am planning to be way more active on my channel, which maintains my personal name (Anna Jean Butler). Video is such a unique means of communication and its a avenue of expression I have been curious to explore.

The STORE– It is now streamlined back to 5 products. There will be five products that are unique. By having 5 products instead of pages or various product I am giving myself a chance to focus more specifically on unique stand out designs. When I began trying to produce pages of products I unfortunately spent more time making numerous cheap pieces instead of a few pieces of greater value.

Change is difficult sometimes; and it is uncomfortable for me to try and institute schedules to regularly post and focus on. However, in the long run I think these changes and updates are going to allow my blog to flourish and my brand to grow.

With love,

Anna B



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