Beauty Standards [Photo Series]

Beauty Standards [Photo Series]

The following post/ photo series is a guest post written by my good friend and up and coming videographer/photographer, Casey Naranjo. Her other work is linked at the bottom. I am simply a model or an empty canvas who was happy to be the subject matter of such a beautiful concept and topic. Shattering beauty standards and supporting self love are two of the top priorities in my books, so please sit back and enjoy Casey’s work:

“My adaptation of the Greek Aphrodite myth was centered in the 21st century, exploring the standards of beauty the era has fostered in young women. While the Goddess has been known to fit into the “pretty, mean girl” archetype of story-telling through time, this photo series aimed to shed light on perhaps the parts of beauty that often goes overlooked. In essence, the “behind the scenes” that people face parralled with the Goddess of beauty’s story. Through eight photos, I captured the journey of Aphrodite’s creation to her realization of the world around her.


In the first image, BIRTH, Aphrodite is seen emerging from water as she had in her original creation myth. The water and flowers represent her symbols of lust, love, and desire through the elegant and beautiful creation she presents.
The second image, IMAGE, Aphrodite enters the world of social media––  with a photo representing the typical view of Aphrodite–– image-obsessed and seeking attention. As many individuals have done since social media has become the new norm, she is posing for an image she will post online. To her, the amount of views, favorites, and comments is ultimately the determinant of her worth.
The third image, BODY, explores the physical standards of women of today. Small, thin bodies are often praised in society, while curves or stretch-marks are scolded. In order to gain the respect of her peers, she feels as though she must fit into the predetermined size “of a real woman.”
By image four, FACE, Aphrodite battles with the image of her facial features. In an age of plastic surgery overload, many believe perfection only comes at the end of a surgeon’s knife.
Image five called LIPS demonstrates the gradual breaking point of Aphrodite and her descent to realization of the fragility of beauty. By this point, Aphrodite is no longer “perfect,” instead she is erasing the image of her face.
Image six, entitled BARE, is considered Aphrodite’s final stage of grief. By here, the concept of beauty seems completely foreign to her. As a woman who is supposed to epitomize beauty, lust, and love, she feels as if she has failed to fit in the molds of the 21st century.
The final two images, MASK and REBIRTH, work together to reveal Aphrodite’s revival. The first of the duo shows Aphrodite in the same state she was in the very first image of the series. A mask of water covers her face as she washes away the suffering she has faced. As she dips down and re-emerges she is quite literally reborn, now holding red flowers with white baby’s breath to match. Now, as a woman who has gone through and beat the trials and tribulations of societal standards, Aphrodite loves herself unapologetically. While still remaining an icon for lust, this image features her only image of happiness, proving she has learned to love and be loved all the same.” {Written/ Photographed by: Casey Naranjo/ Modeled by: Anna Butler}
Casey is energetic, open to working with your vision and executing every project to perfection. If y’all remember, she managed the production of the look book for my fall clothing line, “Faulted”. Support her, hire her, love her because her talent knows no bounds. While yes I am friends with her, I am promoting her because her work and website speak for themselves; quite simply she’s going to be a big deal.
With love and positive vibes,
Anna B
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