2017: Making "Good Excuses" + A Word Vomit on 2016

2017: Making "Good Excuses" + A Word Vomit on 2016

Everyone these days is full of excuses as to why they are unhappy, why they aren’t doing things, etc, but I think we should turn these excuses around on themselves and use 2017, the New Year as an excuse to start getting things done!

Despite starting January 2nd and 3rd with a horrible bout of the stomach flu, I’m trying to keep my thoughts positive as possible. All the disgusting nasty throwing up I did in the past few days I’m viewing as getting rid of any negative energy from 2016. I literally had to expel the last days of 2016 from my system. That’s what I’m telling myself at least, to get through this sickness.

2016, as far as personal years go, was not as bad as the year was for the world (aka political unrest, war, terror, death, etc.). I took my first trip to Europe which was very eye opening. I learned more than I ever had in both life and in the classroom. I took FIT classes which reiterated how badly I want a career in fashion. I experienced heartbreak on a more serious level then I had expected, sleeping for a few days as my body tried to understand why it was being affected by my minds feelings of inadequacness and regret. I experienced death of a close loved one which washed over my body in wave after wave of tears. It also brought me peace in the long run, knowing my loved one was no longer in the grips of pain. I experienced endings to friendships that I had high hopes for with left me bristling, angry, and hurt at how they treat me now. My ego had to be swallowed, I apologized for my part and I hope those friends are left sputtering on my fumes as I continue to grow without them because they aren’t ready to let go of spite or whatever else they’re holding onto. People don’t realize how in tune a persons mind, body, and soul are, but 2016 definitely showed me that I needed to learn balance better. I hit 2016 hard, big goals, big ideas, a lot of passion and blind faith. In many regards I was successful, but now I know what a true taste of the world is and I want to find internal balance and peace so I don’t have constant scatter brain syndrome.

It was year of endings and more importantly, it was a year of tentative messy beginnings. I began my own company, began taking my blog venture and myself more seriously. My company is more recreational then anything else right now, not a solid income, but in a few years I can see it growing or morphing into something else. I have gained a larger following on social media then I had thought possible, and everyday I watch it grow a little more reaching people I couldn’t have fathomed. It brings me immense joy although it is time consuming. The end of my relationship and friendships this past year could partially be attributed to how my mind was no longer invested in spending every waking moment trying to be entertaining and witty. I tried (with varying levels of success if you ask those closest to me) to free myself from my phone and live in the moment. I no longer feel any feelings of missing out (FOMO) when I cruise social media, and when I do I have to remind myself of all the interesting events, days in the city, dinner dates, movie marathons and more, that I had in my past and the huge plans I have in my future.

In other words, the endings, led to new beginnings. Friends who have stuck by my side have become even closer to my heart. I feel their love and support everyday in the most delightful and unexpected ways. My best friends and I have brought our interests together, going to parties, trying new restaurants in the city, introducing them to Harry Potter movie marathons, modeling for each others blogs and enjoying each others company. I rekindled a new hesitant relationship with someone I’ve been friends with for years and years. Its unexpected, at the same time it is completely expected and for the time being it is exactly what I need. I laugh more than I thought possible, I dance and sing; we workout together and they help take pictures for my blog, I bring them to family events and their family has embraced me with such open arms that I feel I gained an entire new family myself. They never pass judgement and I openly cry in front of them; I expose my aspirations and writing that usually I keep to myself. They want to grow with me and they accept me for everything I am.

I’m using the New Year as the year to straighten up and apply everything I discovered in 2016 to 2017. I’m not making any new resolutions this year but I plan to finish my 2016 resolutions, fine tune them, and find balance. I’ve been regularly working out, and plan to restart yoga after a 6 month hiatus to help clear my mind and allow me to stay more focused. I’ve been drawing my friends, family and significant other closer to me savoring every second like its the most delicious food I have ever eaten. I took time to plan in 2016, I have more traveling in the next few months then I had in 2015 and 2016 combined. Adventures are waiting at every corner if you open yourself up and let life flow all around you. 2017 will be another year of new beginnings, the end of my era of living at home, my first time traveling alone, among numerous other events. I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m trying, and I am open minded.

2017 is my excuse and my justification for letting go of anything and everything that has ever held me back. 2017 will be the year I gain balance without needing vice like control.

I would say what is your New Years resolution, but the cliche kills me, so instead I ask, whats your “good excuse” for 2017?

Sorry, but not really, for this highly personal ramble and unrelated photos of sick me drinking tea in a beret!!!

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With so much love,

Anna B

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  1. Sandy Butler
    January 4, 2017 / 11:16 pm

    You continue to amaze me, dear Anna! Wishing you all of life’s best in 2017. You deserve every morsel!!!

    • January 5, 2017 / 4:08 am

      Thank you so much! I hope all your hopes and aspirations for this year materialize for you ❤️

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