Gender Roles (Glitter For a Cause II)

Gender Roles (Glitter For a Cause II)

I know I promised for this series to be posted on Wednesday’s, however sometimes life has other plans. Regardless, here is part two of Glitter for a Cause. Read Part I, HERE.

Gender roles. These annoying little concepts have been labeled, formed, and passed down through society since literally the cavemen inhabited the Earth. As society has evolved, it’s a given that gender roles should evolve to, and while this is true, the fight to break stereotypes and gain equality is still a horrible uphill battle.

The most prevalent stereotypes in front of me in society is that men should be strong, they are “the bread winners”, the protectors, the ones in charge, meanwhile, women are “weaker”, they’re supposedly poised (ladylike, they are care givers and nurturing. Perhaps these stereotypes were accurate in the times of hunting and gathering when the genetic codes in men made them more capable hunters and women had to have children to keep a family going, but now however these roles need to be smashed and left in the distant past.

Women, are capable of working. More than capable actually. Women are equally intelligent, smart, aggressive, and powerful women (not to mention there are some extremely physically strong women…hello Serena Williams!!! out there as well.) Yet, many women have a guilt complex over working where they feel they should be home or they are being judged for working. There is also the matter that women earn 78% less than a man does on average. In many cases, potential employers are biased and blatantly sexist claiming a man would be better on a job or that a woman may be more vulnerable due to her menstrual cycle. Yes, the gender roles women are imprisoned in are terrible.

On the other hand, society by no means makes it simple for a man to concede his gender role either. There is dozens of advertisements around them about how they must be physically and mentally fortified. From a young age they are conditioned to associate any sort of emotion or vulnerability with weakness. Instead of overcoming insecurities, many men develop complexes about their physical appearance or short comings. It’s to the point  where if a man decided to be the primary care giver, and their wife is the primary source of income they can feel emasculated and depressed about how they don’t provide enough for their family. There has been more then one court case as well, where a father is more fit then a mother, but because of sexiest ideals that women are better caregivers, the mother gains primary custody. Society contorts mens perception to see strong women as threats.

Besides the gender prisons (yes prison because both gender is trapped in these stereotypes), there is also demeaning language used. When a boy likes theater (or dance, or art, etc but lets use theater  as our place holding word here) he is considered feminine. Other boys may taunts him, “You’re such a girl.” As if being a girl is an insult? Disgusting. To the same degree, girls and boys may make fun of a female who enjoys body building or the gym or hockey. “She’s basically a man.” or “One of the bros.” Why are our gender roles so imprisoning that we must taunt each other with gender defining insults?

Thats what the glitter represents in todays posts. Boys are represented in blue and girls are represented in pink glitter. It is splattered and thrown all over to represent how gender roles are shoved and forced onto someone from a  young age. The globs of spit and glitter coming out of her mouth represent how recently more people have been defining gender norms, and how people are slowly being able to speak up about their preferences, their gender orientation and more. For the first time, people are trying to stop this. Society is the biggest bully in keeping men and women trapped in gender confinements, therefore the only solution and escape to this problem is to retrain society to understand are newly evolved perception on humans. Man or woman, we are all humans trying to excel and love.

With love,

Anna B

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