Influencing Your Creativity

Influencing Your Creativity


In the past two weeks I’ve had some changes to my appearance, the most drastic and obvious is my freshly cut and dyed platinum blonde long bob (lob). On a more minor note, I’ve also collected two new piercings in the form of small silver balls in my cartilage. The earrings are without a doubt less noticeable but never the less, they are a modification to myself that my eyes are drawn to when I look in the mirror.


Do I love the changes? Yes. Do they change how I am as a person? That’s a more complicated answer. I am a big believer, as I hope you’ve gathered by now,that beauty radiates from the inside. When a person is happy, confident, and stable with themselves and their lives, they are inherently more attractive. Beauty without a doubt radiates and stems in a persons personality.


That being said, clothing and a persons physical presentation usually play a huge part in their confidence levels. Dying my hair was a drastic change, but it was something I have wanted to do for so long, and I love the freshness of it. Having new hair sparks my creativity and helps force my perspective of life to shift and grow. Personally, internal growth for me is usually sparked by external changes whether that be rearranging the furniture in my bedroom, dying my hair, getting a piercing, or any other external influence you can think of. Constantly pushing comfort zones and boundaries of my perception allow me to avoid creative blocks. Life’s boring if you aren’t willing to take a few risks.


Now, this isn’t my first time changing my outsides. In 2013, I cut 12 inches of hair resulting in a pixie cut which I would later style into a faux hawk (similar to a mohawk), I also had my hair bleached a hay colored blonde during that time period. Thats the great thing about hair, it always grows back and can help completely change how a person looks.

When a person loses weight (or gains weight depending on whether they were over weight or under weight) they tend to feel more confident, for me, changing my hair was like losing weight. I feel creatively energized, excited, and full of new possibilities.

Some days all I need to do is clean up my room or work out to remove creative blocks, and other days I have to dye my whole head to look like a neon sign.

What do you do to keep your creativity alive? How do you overcome creative blocks?

With love,

Anna B

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