Wearing Stories OOTD

Wearing Stories OOTD


Wearing new clothing, and slipping into a perfectly crafted outfit you had just bought yourself are definitely phenomenal feelings, but in this OOTD each piece of clothing I’m wearing has a significance or story to go along with it. These thrifted, hand me down, or otherwise acquired pieces add dimension to my look because they all had a journey before I wore them.


Let’s start with my dress, a piece my mom, sister, and I have shared for a few years now its a staple slip dress from Free People. In the past, I’ve worn it underneath other dresses to add length and texture. Due to the trend of slip dresses over tee shirts (check out my post on that here) I decided to layer it on top of a tee. The tee shirt is from a family member of mine who spent multiple years living in China. There’s authentic Chinese characters (that I unfortunately cannot read) on the front of it which can be seen poking out of the neckline of the slip dress. This shirt has a thicker neckline then most tees I’ve purchased in America and I cuffed the sleeves for added dimension.


Next, my jacket was a piece I discovered in the bottom of a bin at my favorite thrift store. The athletic light weight materiel, bright design that seemed to be a cross of nautical symbols, flags, and just a lot of colors, and the quarter length sleeves just drew me in. I love wearing pieces I’ve never seen anyone else wear. For the slightly breeze but surprisingly warm day this windbreaker was ideal.


My shoes aren’t just any old beaten up pair of Converse, they’re what I like to call my “Concert Converse”. Nearly every concert (with the exception of one or two) in the past two years, I’ve worn these lovely all black shoes. They’re perfect because they’re comfortable, close toed, and don’t really show stains. Low top converse are versatile with seasons too. Peaking out of the shoes I have mesh socks from my favorite online  kawaii site, Inu Inu. My sister got me these pastel beauties featuring bananas to play on people calling me “Anna Banana” when I was little.


Finally, my back pack is made of soft Italian leather directly from Italy. My mom travels to Italy every year for a seminar and last year she brought me home this beauty, ideal for holding everything I would need for a day.

With love,

Anna B


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