Crushing the Velvet Trend

Crushing the Velvet Trend

Summer is full of lightweight fabrics such as silks and linens, and while silky jumpsuits and other pieces are still rampant through all seasons, this fall has been dominated by a revival of crushed velvet. Perhaps the beginning of this trend parallels with the sexy velvet chokers that every girl seems to be slipping on since the beginning of summer, or because the materiel is thick enough to keep warm while still adding texture to any ensemble; but whatever the reason its being seen everywhere. From shoes, to dresses to fall heres my velvet favorites (and where to purchase a lot of them).

  1. ACCESSORIES: for the on trend girl looking to incorporate this statement fabric in a low key way, perhaps you’re not a fan of velvet but still want to try it out. From jewelry to hair scrunchies start building your velvet collection. Plus by incorporating it in a small way theres so many opportunities to try statement colors!_13324109 Find this choker and numerous others: Topshop (through Nordstroms)40135881_072_b37867181_066_d Statement golden yellow and perfect layered with a fur coat how about a skinny scarf or any color scrunchie? From Urban Outfitters
  2. SHOES: Perhaps this is just me, but I love when new shoe trends come out. From Creepers to heels to beautiful ankle booties, velvet is on the feet of every economic level fashion enthusiast this season. I can tell this shoe trend will definitely extend      into the winter.                                                           elva1_silver_vel_1_  Shop these beauties and dozens of others (velvet and other high fashion trendy shoes) at one of my favorite shoe stores Public Desire.           74991-0-zoom Besides these to die for midnight blue thigh highs, the store Nasty Gal is a popular place for fans of somewhat edgy but trendy takes on popular fads such as velvet.
  3. SHIRTS, BODY SUITS, PANTS, AND MORE: Maybe you can tell by now, but basically velvet is taking over. Any article of clothing you can think of is being expertly translated into this trend with various colors.         rsavv3339_cabernet Despite not being a big fan of the ethics of American Apparel, I’ll always give credit where credit is due and from bombers, to dresses, to body suits, they have been on the trend since 2012. 00196563-04 Looking to crush the velvet trend cheaply and quickly? For practically any trend, Forever 21 never fails.
    40565186_065_h40542169_040_gDespite already having them on this list once, Urban Outfitters velvet collections are the most varied and on trend I have seen for the middle end consumer this season from body suits to my personal favorite, velvet pants.

Get excited to see my OOTD later tonight incorporating gorgeous red crushed velvet bell bottoms from LF’s summer sale to years ago.

With love,

Anna B

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    • October 24, 2016 / 7:10 pm

      Public Desire is perfect for cheaper shoe trends! I can’t say you’ll get multiple years out of the shoes but for a season or two they’re perfect. I’d recommend buying from there 🤗❤️

  1. November 1, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    I LOVE velvet. Your following post with the pants and Johnny Was jacket makes me think of Steven Tyler. Great style!!!

    • November 1, 2016 / 5:31 pm

      Thank you! I love Steven Tyler so thats so awesome you said that 🙂 I appreciate your comment so much

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