OOTD Textured Patterns

OOTD Textured Patterns

The frigid weather on the cold mornings of fall make it nearly impossible to get out of bed let alone get dressed every morning so having super comfortable clothing is a must have. I hate how many people fall into the pattern of wearing leggings and oversized sweatshirts because there’s so many other comfortable and fashionable options out there.

Today I slipped into some jogger hybrid pants with a high waistline and a straight legged fit. The waistband has a tie but also has elastic in the back so they truly feel like sweatpants (but don’t look like ratty sweats!) They have an almost slack like feel to them while still being a comfortable cotton mix. Most notably these pants have a black and white plaid pattern that just makes them look sleek. The plaid pattern is a modern take on the timeless “flannel for fall” look!

An easy way to mix patterns is to stay with a similar color scheme, so my speckled sweater is also black and white. It has a cropped fit with wide comfortable sleeves and a crew neckline. The cropped fit and looser knit allowed me to be comfortable as temps tires warmed up later in the day.

To complete the look I threw my hair in a messy bun to be comfy and slipped on my beloved Prada loafers.

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Wishing love and warmth,

Anna B

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